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Bill Weaver is the founder of Media that Matters. A 30-year veteran of radio and television in Canada and the U.S., Bill is currently president of Across Borders Media, which produces engaging television programs on sustainability, social change, personal development, and the arts. Before coming to Canada, Bill worked as a reporter, producer, and cinematographer, covering events such as the eruption of Mt St Helens in Washington State, the rise and fall of Rashneeshpurham in Oregon, and the final years of the Wallace administration in Alabama. His latest project is From New Age to New Edge, a documentary about the convergence of activism and the personal growth movement.

Stephen Silha is a freelance writer, communications consultant, facilitator and futurist. He was a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor and The Minneapolis Star before becoming communications director for The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. He co-convened the first symposium on The Media and Philanthropy at the Chicago Tribune, worked on the research project on community communications called Good News/Good Deeds: Citizen Effectiveness in the Age of Electronic Democracy (, and now leads conversations on Journalism That Matters.

Ruth Ozeki is a filmmaker-turned-novelist. Her award-winning documentary films have been screened at Sundance and other international film festivals, and on public television in the US and Japan. Her first novel, My Year of Meats, published by Viking Penguin in 1998, won several awards, including the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Prize, and was translated into ten languages and published in fourteen countries. Her second novel, All Over Creation will be published by Viking Penguin in March, 2003. Ruth splits her time between the islands of Manhattan and Cortes.