10:10 Participants

Web of Change connects a diverse community of leaders from across sectors, boundaries and countries. Here is a partial list of 2010 participants from a variety of sectors and organizations:

Non-profit Organizations, Bloggers and Foundations:

Leading international and local NGO's as well as Foundations and bloggers working to be the change they wish to see in the world. A partial list of 2010 participants include: 

  • Alberta Council for Environment, Gareth Thomson
  • Alliance for Climate Education, Emily Adler
  • Alternatives for Community and Environment, Kalila Barnett
  • Art is Change, Anasa Troutman
  • Center for Transformative Change, Angel Kyodo Williams
  • Ceres, Brian Sant
  • Citizen Orange, Kyle De.Beausset
  • Color of Change, Dani McClain
  • Diversity Matters, Angela Park
  • Emergence, Ilana Weaver
  • Emily Carr University, Alexandra Samuel
  • Environmental Defence of Canada, Jennifer Foulds
  • Family Independence Initiative, Jesus Gerena
  • Florida Immigrant Coalition, Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez
  • Free Press, Neal Bastek
  • Green for All, Bari Samud
  • LeadNow, Jamie Biggar
  • League of Young Voters, Biko Baker
  • Mitchel Kapor Foundation, Mario Lugay
  • National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Pablo Alvarado and Sarahi Uribe
  • Neighbors United for a Better East Boston, Gloribell Mota
  • Network for Good, Julie Stofer
  • NRDC, Apollo Gonzales
  • NTEN, Anna Richter
  • One Percent for the Planet, Susan Comfort
  • Packard Foundation, Catherine Afarian
  • Pivot Legal Society, Peter Wrinch
  • Presente.org, Favianna Rodriguez
  • Project Hip Hop, Mariama White Hammon
  • ProOxygen, Michael McGee
  • Puente Movement, Carlos Garcia
  • Quantum Shift TV, Daren Mclean
  • Rainforest Action Network, Nell Greenberg
  • Ruckus Society, Adrienne Maree Brown
  • Slow Food USA, Sung E Bai
  • SoChange, Mike Norman
  • Sunlight Foundation, Jake Brewer
  • The Big Wild, Theo Lamb
  • The Innocence Project, Matt Kelley
  • The Urban Labs, Malia Lazu
  • The Wilderness Society, Ted Fickes
  • Third Wave Foundation, Mia Herndon
  • Youth Line, Aniska Ali

Consultants, Agencies and Tech Vendors

Leading "social tech" agencies, consultants and tech vendors dedicated to delivering world class solutions to the movement while they give back to it. A partial list of 2010 participants include:

  • Advomatic, Dylan Clear and Adam Mordecai
  • Agentic Communications, Emily Birr and Phillip Djwa
  • Affinity Bridge, Mack Hardy
  • Biro Creative, Nicholas Klassen and Tim Walker
  • Capulet Communications, Darren Barefoot
  • Care2, Jocelyn Harmon
  • Communicopia, Jason Mogus and Julia Watson
  • Convergence Strategies, Suzanne Hawkes
  • Deezine, Scott Borys
  • Echoditto, Michael Silberman, Cristen Perks and Tony Guzman
  • Englin Consulting, Shayna Englin
  • Fission Strategy, Cheryl Contee
  • Groundwire, David Averill, Dave Manelski, Chris McCullogh and Neal Myrick
  • Interaction Institute for Social Change, Gibran Rivera
  • Make Believe, Nichola Moriatis
  • Progressive Technology Project, Arif Mandani
  • Salesforce Foundation, Steve Andersen and Akhilesh Gupta
  • Sam Dorman
  • ScoutSeven, Leda Dederich
  • Sea Change Strategies, Alia McKee-Scott and Mark Rovner
  • Social Transformation Project, Jodie Tonita
  • The Engage Network, Alissa Hauser and Marianne Manilov
  • Tumis, Jose Lopez
  • Turtlebox Productions, Cameron Hayduk and Kathleen Kelly
  • Watershed Company, Brian Hiatt 


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