Board of Directors

Web of Change is steered by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. They are mandated to serve as the decision making and oversight body for the annual event, and the overall strategic direction of where Web of Change may go in the future to most effectively serve the larger tech/progressive communities.  This board aims to ensure that key strategic decisions as well as financial oversight and structural responsibilities are being made by a responsible, committed, and diverse set of leaders from the community.

2013-2015 Term

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Phillip Djwa 


Phillip Djwa, MFA, is the founder of Agentic. Phillip offers a unique blend of technologist, creative lead and social scientist. He has worked for almost 20 years on a wide range of technology and online communication projects. His firm Agentic develops digital media websites for social change, including not-for-profits, Aboriginal groups, and government, including Yale University, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Granville Island and many other organizations.

Phillip is an accomplished presenter and knowledgeable speaker on digital media, including transmedia, and has also been active participant in the arts community. Phillip is also an award-winning composer for theatre, dance, and film as well as for his own compositions all around North America. His work extends into film and television, co-producing a digital media doc project Battle Castle.TV for History Television and Discovery UK.

Apollo Gonzales

Apollo Gonzales is Project Principal at EchoDitto in Washington, DC where he works with clients to develop tools and strategies that create and connect communities. Prior to joining the team he spent 5 years at the Natural Resources Defense Council moving environmental advocacy work in to digital spaces beyond email. His work with some of the best policy and political operatives on the Hill give him a seasoned perspective on using digital platforms to influence decision makers from DC to Copenhagen.

Sabrina Hersi Issa

Sabrina Hersi Issa is the CEO at Be Bold Media, a digital media agency focused on global advocacy and the co-founder of End Famine, a campaign dedicated to developing sustainable solutions to global hunger and food security. She is the creator of the Human Rights Forum, a gathering for activists and technologists and is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute where she writes about technology, human rights and humanitarian disasters. Sabrina also runs Survivor Fund, a political fund dedicated to support the rights of survivors of sexualized violence. Previously, she was a Program Adviser at Afghans for Civil Society, an NGO that developed women’s programs and independent media in southern Afghanistan, worked for National Public Radio and Oxfam America. She currently sits on the board of directors of Women, Action & the Media and Exhale Provoice.

Jason Mogus

Jason Mogus is the principal strategist at Communicopia and the founder of Web of Change.

Communicopia helps social mission organizations create world class digital programs, projects, and teams that make more change in a networked world. As principal strategist he has led digital transformation projects for some of the world's most recognized social change brands including Human Rights Watch, NRDC, WITNESS, RAN, the City of Vancouver, and the new Tar Sands Solutions Network.

Michael Silberman

Michael Silberman is the Global Director of the Digital Mobilization Lab at Greenpeace. The "MobLab" is dedicated to digital innovation and people-powered campaigning. The Lab works with Greenpeace and its allies in 42 countries to envision, test, and roll out creative new means of communicating, organizing, and fundraising online.

A senior online campaigns strategist, Silberman specializes in online organizing and grassroots citizen engagement. He is a frequent writer and speaker on the effective use of technology for converting online activity into real-world action. Silberman is a co-founder of EchoDitto, a digital agency that empowers leading organizations to have a greater impact through the creative use of new technologies. He cut his teeth on digital organizing and campaigning as the National Meetup Director for Howard Dean’s presidential run in 2004, where he lead an online organizing team that regularly mobilized more than 189,000 local volunteers in over 1,200 cities worldwide.

Jessy Tolkan

Jessy Tolkan works as an independent strategist with a focus on climate and energy issues, progressive movement building, and experimenting with the role of consumers in creating shifts in the global marketplace. She has spent the last decade working to build progressive change in the United States. Most recently Jessy served as the Co-Executive Director of Citizen Engagement Laboratory, a cutting-edge technology focused accelerator for social change organizations. Prior to her leadership of Citizen Engagement lab she held a Senior Fellow with the New Organizing Institute where she focuses on progressive infrastructure building, the 2012 youth vote, and the next steps for the climate & energy sector. In 2008, Rolling Stone Magazine named her one of the 100 agents of change in America.

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is currently launching a passion project called Lifeboat about rediscovering great friendship in the digital age. It's not a social network or app. It's a revolution "to be better, get deeper and live more fully friends." You can check it out at

Prior to Lifeboat, Tim spent five years running the digital agency Biro Creative, which helped a handful of pioneering non-profits -- including Greenpeace UK, Avaaz and -- build their movements online. In 2012, he and his two co-founders sold the firm to Chicago-based innovation agency Maddock Douglas. You can check a fun timeline of their highlights at

Tim began his career as Communications Director for the ever-feisty Adbusters Media Foundation He has two MA degrees but most of what he knows he learned at Web Of Change. 

You can contact the board
at [email protected].


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