What We Do

Web of Change aims to create holistic leaders with a deep passion for change and embed a culture of innovation, collaboration, and transformation into the core of our industry.


Since 2001, we have convened 12 successful gatherings and supported over a thousand established and emerging leaders to deepen their skills, network, and commitment to the social change movement. Some selected impacts from Web of Change include:

  • Projects: Dozens of unprecedented collaborations have been spawned as a result of WOC, producing world leading work across borders, sectors, and industries.
  • People: WOC has Inspired numerous consultants and agencies to commit full time to the social change industry as a career track or company focus. Our events have helped frame this work and its unique contributions.
  • Diversity: We've engaged in active silo-busting by introducing non-techies (campaigners, senior execs, funders) into this space for cross-pollination and relationship building.
  • Community: A vital and growing community of WOC alumni often self-organize at larger conferences or in cities where they live. WOC inspired the Social Tech Brewing events, which in some cities have become “Net Tuesday”.
  • Networks: In 2008, an event was held consisting of a dozen leading social change focused agencies to understand how they could better collaborate and support the movement.
  • Personal: Testimonials from dozens of participants calling Web of Change “transformative”, “highly restorative”, and generally one of the most powerful and fun events they’ve ever been to.

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Photo: Jordan Lewin

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