Web of Change continued to push the front line of transformative change in 2009 through a cutting edge offering of seminars and courses that embraced people, culture and technology.  As always, Web of Change aims to strike a balance between the best of the expert designed conference with the newer, high energy, more participative style events.

Web of Change Hollyhock 2009

PDF of 2009 agenda is here.  Below are some of the agenda highlights: 

System Shift: Using a Transformative Moment to Change the Game

Public Engagement Deep Think - Cara Pike, Social Capital Project
Set aside what you think you know about engagement, and take a look at some paradigm-shifting research.  We'll look at the barriers and opportunities in public engagement, touching on cognitive linguistics, communications, social values psychographic research, organizing theory, storytelling, UTheory, and online marketing.

Where is Online Advocacy Headed? - Michael Silberman of Echo Ditto
What if you had 100 internet staffers in your organization?  Do you know how you would use them?  Take a look down the road at where online advocacy is headed, and some models of how successful organizations integrate their use of the internet throughout their structure.

Organizational Transformation - Out of the Shadows -
Sam Dorman, Tim Walker of Biro, Jason Mogus of Communicopia & Michael Silberman of Echo Ditto
What have we learned about the way successful organizations operate?  Can we go beyond fixing one organization at a time?  What are the characteristics of organizations that are excelling right now?  Through several sessions we'll explore models, learn transformation strategies, and begin to articulate our community's innovative model for how smart, effective, tech-enabled organizations can thrive in this new era.

Open Systems: How Open Models are Changing Everything

Open Government from the Inside Out - David Hume, E.D for Citizen Engagement, B.C. Gov
The internet offers unprecedented opportunities to advance the causes of transparency and accountability in government. Hear inspiring examples of open government projects, and help envision and implement the next era in open government.

The Open Campaign Revolution - Tracey Frauzel of Greenpeace, Jon Warnow of, and Jason Mogus of Communicopia
Open campaigns are rapidly and radically changing everything we thought we knew about campaigns.  Learn how open campaigns have torn the doors off, allowing supporters and organizations fully inside to create, innovate, and extend.  Engage in a juicy WOC discussion about open campaigns, what they are effective, why they are hard, and why they matter.

Culture, Systems, and People: The Underpinnings of Change

Is Technology the Great Equalizer? - Kety Esquivel of The Sanctuary, Latoya Peterson of Racialicious and Joaquin Guerra of SEIU
The prevalent meme in our tribe is that technology is the great equalizer.  Is that true?  What would true equality look like?  Who is being included and who is being left out?  How can we close the gaps?  We'll engage in joint inquiry, group and pair sharing, and some personal visioning and reflection.

What Kind of World Do We Want to Create? - Kety Esquivel of The Sanctuary, Latoya Peterson of Racialicious & Joaquin Guerra of SEIU
If we landed on Mars tomorrow and had to start from scratch, do you know what kind of world you would want to create?   In some ways, technology and new media represent a similar new frontier, opening up endless possibilities for innovation, collaboration and ultimately transformation.  How much farther can we go if we allow ourselves to think really big?

The Art + Science of Innovation: Merging Strategy and Tools

Behavioral Economics - Alia McKee Scott of Sea Change Strategies, Mimi Hahn of Monterey Bay Aquarium & Dorie Clark of Clark Strategic Communications
The past few years have seen a revolution in our understanding of how people make decisions, including decisions about social engagement, advocacy and charitable giving.  Radical new insight into human behavior is turning many of our cherished assumptions on their heads.  We'll explore emotional vs. intellectual messages, getting people to take the first step, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Technology and True Love (or at least commitment) - Integrated Engagement Tracking - Drew Bernard & Shawn Kemp of ONE/Northwest
We all know that people are the most important part of our work.  We'll focus on how to engage people in meaningful ways, remember why they liked us in the first place, what they care about, what they have done, and what they are willing to do.  In other words, how to build lasting relationships!

Reaching Beyond the “Supporter as ATM” Online Fundraising Model – The Direct Marketing Elephant in the Room - Alia McKee Scott of Sea Change Strategies & Beth Wallace of Conservation INternational
It goes without saying these are tough fundraising times, requiring innovation for survival.  The radical idea here is that innovation does not mean more email solicitations.  We'll look at treating donors as serious program partners, increasing giving by developing high-touch relationships with supporters, and creating a “remarkable” donor experience to promote brand loyalty and “sneezing” among donors.

Storytelling Kung Fu: Viral secrets for social change
- Tim Walker of Biro, Matt Thompson and Jonah Sachs of FreerangeStudio
Forget the "elevator pitch." What's your campaign's "lightning message"?  Do you have a mindshifting narrative that lights a spark for people and moves them to action?  We'll explore how compelling stories can inspire a big "aha" moment, sample a series of cool multimedia projects and viral videos, and take away practical hands-on tools to transform a mild-mannered, self-conscious, what-we-do "elevator pitch" into a powerful, inspiring, mindshifting narrative for change.

Design Strategy - Tim Walker & Nicolas Klassen of Biro
If you think design is just about drawing pretty pictures; think again.  Together with some of the leaders in innovative design for social change, explore how a strong design strategy can transform the entire experience of your target audience.

Cut the Leash! -- Mobile Activism - Dave Johnson of Nitobi
What if all of your constituents always had their computers with them and were ready to engage with your organization's work at any given moment?  Actually, that's sort of already happening, with little computers called mobile phones.  Hear some of the cutting edge ways organizations are launching innovative campaigns using mobile apps or SMS activism.  One lucky attendee may even have a mobile app built for them during the session!

The Web of Change Community Experience

Speed Geeking, Tool Sharing, Workshopping
Web of Change is a participatory experience.  Participate in the Speed Geek session to quickly demonstrate a project and get feedback from the community.  Learn about some of the favorite emerging tools in the Tool Share.  Or put the bright minds of the Web Of Change community to work on your project in the Project Workshops.  The seeds of many a successful project was sewn in the unique environment of Web Of Change.

Leadership, Community and Dialogue
Those who have been to Web of Change before know that some of the most powerful moments can come when the entire WOC community joins together for community dialogue, connection and relationship.  Fun and interesting, deep and thought-provoking, these memorable sessions help take full advantage of the transformative atmosphere of the Web Of Change experience, with a focus on bringing forth the inner side of leadership among those of us who seek social transformation.

Fun and relaxation
The relaxing and breathtaking setting of the Hollyhock Retreat Centre, along with a welcoming environment and legendary social gatherings, tend to send Web of Changers home not only with inspiration for work, but also renewed energy and valuable friendships.





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