Our agenda is still coming together, check back weekly for updates:
Thursday Sep 16
5:30 PM Presenters Meeting (Bluff House)
6:30 PM Dinner (Lodge)
7:40 PM Hollyhock Orientation (Lodge)
8:00 PM Welcome, Intent, and Theme
(Jason Mogus, Mark Surman, Madeline Stanionis, and Sarah Pullman)
8:40 PM Round Circle Introductions
Friday Sep 17
7:00 AM Yoga and Meditation (Raven)
8:30 AM Breakfast (Lodge)
9:30 AM The Movement as a Network: Connecting People and Organizations in Environmental and Social Movements
(Gideon Rosenblat and Katrin Verclas)
10:30 AM Case Study 1 - Canada Votes 2004
(Stephen Legualt)
11:30 AM Case Study 2 - Tobacco Free Kids
(Sarah DiJulio)
12:30 PM Lunch (Lodge)
2:00 PM Special: Simple Yoga Techniques for the Desk Bound
(Sarah Pullman)
2:15 PM Small Group Workshops I
Topic A - Thinking together, thinking faster, thinking better: Real world stories from the world of Wiki, Blogs, IM, and Social Networking Tools with Sunir Shah and Eric Squair
Topic B - Branding for Social Change: Integrity Brands, 4D Branding Models, and the good news for social movements. With Pattie LaCroix and Jason Mogus.
Topic C - OPEN
3:45 PM Small Group Workshops II
Topic D - Integrated Communications and Fundraising: The Web as Change Agent or how to break down silos in your organization with George Irish and Madeline Stanionis
Topic E - Open Source with Peter Foley and Mark Surman
Topic F - OPEN
5:00 PM Optional: Drum with Gordy Ryan
6:30 PM Dinner (Lodge)
8:00 PM SpeedGeek Soiree sponsored by Care2Connect (Lodge)
Saturday Sep 18
7:00 AM Yoga and Meditation (Raven)
8:30 AM Breakfast (Lodge)
9:30 AM Billionaires for Bush and the Role of Humor & Contagious Media in North American Elections with Andrew Boyd, aka Phil T. Rich and Brother Void (Kiakum)
12:30 PM Lunch (Lodge)
  Commons Group sponsored FREE AFTERNOON
1:30 PM Hike with Hollyhock Naturalist
1:30 PM Kayaking or Sailing with Mike Moore (optional, 50% of cost sponsored)
2:00 PM Rex Weyler book launch party (Lodge)
6:30 PM Dinner (Lodge)
8:00 PM Rex Weyler, co-founder of Greenpeace and Hollyhock will discuss his new book "Greenpeace: The Inside Story" published by Raincoast Books (Lodge)
Sunday Sep 19
7:00 AM Yoga and Meditation (Raven)
8:30 AM Breakfast (Lodge)
9:30 AM Values-based leadership: The power of purpose in daily decisions
(Jeff Balin)
11:30 AM Workshops
Topic G - The Integrated Lifestyle: How to keep yourself balanced in a way too busy life with Ron Braithwaite and Melanie Redman (special guest)
Topic H - OPEN
12:30 PM Lunch (Lodge)
2:00 PM Small Group Workshops III
Topic I - Making a Living While Making Change
Topic J - Creative Approaches to Getting People's Attention: How to be more creative, fun, and attention grabbing with your work with Madeline Staniosis
Topic K - OPEN
3:30 PM Group Council / Board of Directors
6:00 PM Oyster BBQ sponsored by Donordigital (Hollyhock Beach)
6:30 PM Dinner (Lodge)
9:00 PM IATS Ticketmaster Bluff House Dance Party!!!
Monday Sep 20
9:00 AM Breakfast (Lodge)
10:00 AM Final discussion
11:00 AM How to Make it Last: Growing and Sustaining the Web of Change
11:30 AM Closing Circle and Wrap Up
12:30 PM Lunch (Lodge)
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