Anchor Team Roles and Responsibilities

Here are details on each role open in 2012:

Fellows Anchor 

Leads WOC Fellows program: 

  • Recruit Fellows aligned with WOC mission
  • Engage and motivate Fellows around their dual duty to:
    • Recruit our field's best crop of participants aligned with WOC mission.
    • Contribute ideas to the event itself aligned with WOC mission
  • Liaise with Comms Anchor to integrate Fellows content.
  • Liaise with Agenda Anchor to integrate Fellow's content.
  • On site, support the Fellows to ensure they know their roles and can meaningfully contribute

Agenda Anchor 

Designs and executes the conference agenda:

  • Solicit agenda ideas (call for submissions and/or Fellows discussions)
  • Synthesize key ideas and concepts
  • Agenda design
  • Liaise with anchors
  • Combine session leads/ideas, facilitate preparatory content discussions
  • Agenda tour guide on site.
  • Bottom-line post-event feedback survey

Communications and Engagement Anchor 

Oversees the voice of Web of Change. Promotes the event and drives registration efforts.

  • Manage thought leadership program with Event Manager
  • Develop and execute a Web of Change 2012 communications plan
  • Broaden awareness of Web of Change and increase its visibility across audiences with a key priority of reaching out to diverse communities
  • Write and procure content for website, email, blog, social network, invitations and other promotional channels
  • Work with designer on any designs needed for invites and newsletters.
  • Recruit and manage a communications group of buzz-builders. Specific outreach to target participants
  • Manage development of additional promotional assets including videos and testimonials. Planning activities during WOC 2012 that will assist in WOC 2013 promotion, including on-sight testimonials, photos, videos/podcasts of specific sessions, etc…
  • Organizing content, thinking thru hash tag system.
  • Promoting sponsors.
  • Post event communication.

Fundraising Anchor 

Coordinates and tracks all fundraising and sponsorship activities.

  • Follow up with Anchors on their individual fundraising efforts.
  • Develop budget.
  • Develop fundraising plan.
  • Run individual donor campaign.
  • Run sponsor campaign.  Approach all previous year sponsors to see if they wish to renew.
  • Manage foundation relations.
  • Send post event followup sponsor/donor package to appropriate orgs.

If you'd like to volunteer for an anchor role or have someone to nominate for an anchor role please send us the details: name, organization, contact info, and a brief message about why you think you or your nominee would be a good fit to [email protected]

Please get us your nominations by Feb 20th, 2012. We hope to have the 2012 Anchor team in place by March 1st.


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