Web of Change "Lives Up to the Hype" for First-Time Attendee

For many first-time conference attendees, making the long journey to Web of Change on Cortes Island is a leap of faith. Maureen McGregor was one of 59 change makers who experienced Web of Change for the first time earlier this month.

Despite high expectations, the dialogue, debate and strategies shared amongst attendees did not disappoint.   

"WOC claims to be an unparalleled, transformative experience that will foster lasting relationships and re-charge your soul. But since this conference is put on by some of the best and brightest progressive organizers in the world, you'd expect them to be able to generate some buzz. So, imagine my surprise when it all turned out to be true," says Maureen.

In her blog post, Web of Change Lives Up to the Hype, you can read more about what it's like to experience the conference for the first time.