Join the Web of Change Board for 2015-2016

This November, Web of Change alumni will elect three new members to refresh our dynamite Board of Directors. Have you been touched by the magic of Web of Change in the past? Want to play a key role in shaping its future? This is your invitation to run for a seat on the board. It’s a unique opportunity open to all alumni. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to consider the fit.

What does the WOC board actually do?

We’re so glad you asked! The 8-person volunteer board is responsible for the entire show. (There’s no big funder or director calling shots or backstopping success). Supported by a part-time Managing Director, the board oversees the flagship event (agenda, sponsorships, recruiting), volunteers, finances, fundraising, new programs (P2P and WOCx) and governance. The board also sets strategic goals and priorities for their terms, so anything and everything is possible.

Why you might love being on the board

For those who accept the call, a truly remarkable volunteer experience awaits. It's a chance to:

  • Shape the next evolution of Web of Change

  • Work with world-class colleagues who share the WOC spirit and build career-lasting relationships
  • Grow your skills and stretch in an area that interests you, in a supportive, hands-on leadership role
  • Attend Web of Change 2015 & 2016 as a host and leader, with guaranteed acceptance and free tuition to boot
  • Have a darn good time while you're at it!
"By being part of the Web of Change board you shape the future of this community. It's a real chance to collaborate in creating the Web of Change magic that's touched many of us over the years." 
- Apollo Gonzales, board member

How big is the commitment?

The Web of Change board is a working board. You must be energized to make a significant contribution during a two-year term in four broad categories:

  1. Leading at least one major role, project or program each year (30-60 hours per project area). These currently include:
    Board Chair - Facilitates the board to set goals and culture, and to be accountable to commitments
    Treasurer - Manages finances
    Event Chair - Leads the beloved flagship conference. This role will require a more significant time commitment.
    Fundraising - Owns revenue generation from sponsors and donors
    Recruiting - Owns getting the best applicants for the flagship event
    Governance - Runs the board election and ensures a vibrant leadership pipeline
    WOCx - Spearheads the beta program for running local events
    Peer-to-Peer Mentoring - Spearheads year-round alumni mentoring program
  2. Raising a minimum of 5K per year from sponsors for attendee scholarships
  3. Engaging via regular quarterly board meetings to define goals, track progress, oversee finances and make critical decisions for the organization (approximately 20 hours per year, in addition to program/project hours)
  4. Select conference attendees by reading all applications and actively participating in the selection process (approximately 15 hours per year, in addition to program/project hours)

Next steps

Okay, so how does running for the board work? This page describes the election process and what you can expect over the next eight weeks. If you have further questions and running for the Web of Change Board of Directors, get in touch with Phillip Djwa.