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Social Change — Building the Business Model

Web of Change launched the 2009 season with Designing for Democracy — a multimedia presentation by social entrepreneur, technologist and artist Favianna Rodriguez at Vancouver’s stunning 319 Theatre. In our follow up interview, we asked the Oakland native about her business model for change, and how she has grown her social mission through a unique relationship between her web agency, TUMIS, and the Eastside Arts Alliance, the community non-profit she cofounded in 1999.

The End of the Email Newsletter?

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Late last month, Thomas Gensemer created a minor firestorm when he suggested that organizations should abandon email newsletters in favour of short, focused updates with clear calls to action.

Extreme statements can often be dismissed, but not when they’re made be the digital strategist who put together Barack Obama’s $500 million dollar online campaign.

Ricken Patel's STT Keynote Address - Highlights

Ricken Patel is the founder and Executive Director of Avaaz.org, the world’s largest online advocacy organization with 3.3 million active members (320,000 in Canada) just over one year into its life. Avaaz recently ran the fastest growing petition of all time, gathering 1.5 million signatures over Spring 2008 in support of Tibetan independence. Avaaz is also recognized for its now-famous campaign at the 2007 Bali climate change talks, which mobilized over 300,000 people in 72 hours.

The Open Everything Wiki

Keeping to the spirit of the event, the Open Everything Retreat at Hollyhock utilized an event wiki to make all resources about travel, attendees, sessions and agendas availabe to all. The wiki continues to be available at http://openeverything.wik.is/Retreat_wiki.

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