2013 Agenda Notes

Session in OHall

Hey everyone, on behalf of the agenda team, here's a heads-up about how we're going about organizing all the kickass content coming up at this year's Web of Change.

While Wednesday evening and Sunday morning will be general opening and closing, each of our three full days together will follow an overarching theme. Through plenaries, breakout sessions, and informal conversations, we'll tackle some tough questions relating to the day's theme and hatch innovative re/solutions.

Thursday's theme -- "Movement: What Are We Doing & Why?" -- will be an opportunity to reflect on what we're fighting for/against and whether we're contributing to movement-building as we do. What about scale? Is local the new global? Let's look at the state of progressive movement(s) and the extent to which we're evaluating our successes through a movement lens.

Friday's content will respond to the theme "Craft: How Are We Doing It & with Whom?" As toolsmiths at the front-lines and in the lead, do we have what we need in terms of expertise and talent necessary to achieving our collective goals? Formally and informally, let's deep dive with skill-peers about how we're doing and what support we may need. This day is also about people: allies, collaborators, leaders. Do we broaden the tent?

Then on Saturday, we'll discuss trends, measurements, and bold/radical new ideas regarding the future of our work at the intersection of tech and organizing. Under the theme "Advancing: Where Are We Going?", we'll contemplate the view from here. Let's share thoughts about all those moving targets and where our community is (or should be) headed. Our predictions. Our hopes.

Crosscutting motifs throughout the program include diversity, storytelling, and culture.

You should know that it was all the excellent session ideas submitted by you that inspired these themes. In fact, shaving so many exciting suggestions down to a workable program has been pretty challenging. But we're confident about achieving an agenda that delivers a high spark factor, that's timely & motivating, that'll help us deepen networks & relationships.

Oh, a little something about programmatic legacy: As this gathering relocates to its new home at Balcones Springs, Texas, we are taking deliberate steps to ensure its most distinguishing and beloved content elements come with it -- strategy, tactics, personal growth, relationships. We hope you find these fundamentals reflected in your experience with the program. Which, by the way, is *this* close to be finalized ... stay tuned!

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