Interact with the Agenda: Impact

Here's a little light reading for the trip.

The innovative agenda for WOC11 is grounded in conversations about the big themes in our space. You can read the entire agenda outline here.

In the community spirit of Web of Change, we're seeding these conversations now, (right!) before the event begins, and with members of our community who can't make it to Hollyhock this year (we miss you).

Last but not least: Impact. Here's what the Fellows had to say:

Are We Driving Political Change?

Really almost nothing I've seen is working as far as moving real political players because of digital activism.  We've made huge megaphones for ourselves, but never built better headphones for the people we're talking to.

Jake Brewer, Fission Strategy, WOC 2011 Fellow

During the federal election we were able to move votes in key swing ridings to candidates supportive of a federal oil tanker ban. We built a political machine, moved votes, and helped elect better candidates. So we were able to show decision makers that we have power in numbers and that we show up during elections.

Karl Hardin, Dogwood Initiative, WOC 2011 Participant

As we all fight these individual issues we're killing ourselves, missing the fact that organized money has changed the way that social change happens. The other option -- organized people -- has slowly but surely become weakened.

Gideon Rosenblatt, Alchemy of Change, WOC 2011 Fellow


Spending Power to the People

We have this extremely powerful tool which can be brought to bear on our issues, how we spend money as consumer citizens, using our buying power to support our causes.  This train is already moving, this is happening.  We're not there, and we need to be there. What could happen if we get in front of this train as a movement and coordinate mass consumer action?

Mike Norman, SoChange, WOC 2011 Fellow


What’s Your Theory of Change?

Our “theory of change” work often surfaces tactics or even entire programs that don’t fit. The tactics don’t target the right audiences, or the ROI doesn’t add up. How many organizations get distracted by a little grant money and end up doing work that doesn’t actually achieve their core goals?  Good strategy should help you figure out what to do, but also what to cut out.

Karen Uffelman, Groundwire, WOC 2011 Fellow

We're trying to build a data-driven culture in everything we do, to help us take strategic actions and to find the points of leverage where we can be the most effective.

Karl Hardin, Dogwood Initiative, WOC 2011 Participant

Now your turn: what do you think? How are we, as a sector, making an impact? How could we do better? What is working well and what's no longer relevant?

Add your voice in the comments (and share your thoughts on Audience, too). Perhaps you're stuck on a plane all day today, why not work your way back through the whole agenda and get your juices flowing?

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