Interact with the Agenda: Access

The innovative agenda for WOC11 is grounded in conversations about the big themes in our space. You can read the entire agenda outline here.

In the community spirit of Web of Change, we're seeding these conversations now, before the event begins, and with members of our community who can't make it to Hollyhock this year.

This week's topic: Access. Here's what the Fellows had to say:

Access and Accessibility

Folks who design web tools and communications strategies think a lot about accessibility.  But accessible to whom? To individuals who grew up in what kind of neighborhood, with what type of resources?  If you grew up with an ipod and then a blackberry, that's one thing.  If you grew up in a classroom sharing one computer on dial-up internet, it's different.  Our role should be in figuring out how to make web technology an equally empowering medium for social change in both cases.

Juan Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition, WOC 2011 Fellow

This is important to me.  We have an issue with people of color and poor folks engaging in technology and finding it a useful space.  Every technology is imbued with a set of values. What technology works for which people?

Laurie Ignacio, Presente, WOC 2011 Fellow

Who’s On The Bus?

In the nonprofit world there is a college-to-nonprofit pipeline. People who are out of touch with organizing communities of color get the jobs for their technical skills alone.  It's actually really painful for me.  How do we address that?  How do we train people with the politics to take on these roles too?

Mónica Novoa, Colorlines, WOC 2011 Fellow

The demographics of our countries are changing.  If we really are tapping into millennial generation our movement is going to need to be way more black and brown.

Jessy Tolkan, Citizen Engagement Lab, WOC 2011 Fellow

Now your turn: what do you think? How are we, as a sector, being inclusive? How could we do better? What's rockin' and what's missing?

Add your voice in the comments (and ponder on Engagement, too):

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