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Why are we creating a board?

A board. Yes, it's a board!

We've got some exciting news to share about Web of Change and the evolution of our community institution.

If Web of Change has touched your life or career and you have felt the desire to give back, today we are opening up two new engagement pathways for building this community together: five spots on our new board that will steward the next phase of growth of our institution, and four spots on the the 2013 event advisor team to take us to Austin.

Community Renewal Report

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our recent community driven renewal process, whether by voting in the online poll, attending one of our consultations, or meeting with
me or others from the transition council. We've engaged at least 150 members, many who have expressed passionate, heart-felt opinions about our future. A success in anyone's books.

18 questions on the future of Web of Change

For those of you following along, over the last three months we've been running a unique community driven consultation process to co-create the future of Web of Change programs and institution. This fall we created a new "transition council", recruited some key process advisors, and have directly engaged nearly 80 of you via a series of activities which included an open session at WOC 2011, two community conference calls, local meetings in major WOC cities, and multiple smaller scale lunches, meetings, email submissions, and phone calls. 

Making the Case for Change

Web of Change founder Jason Mogus

Web of Change has grown to the point where the expectations on quality, on community engagement, on everything we do are very high. This is a good thing! But it's clear that the largely volunteer model we've relied on to pull of our signature event is unsustainable.

Here's where we stand as we look to the future:

Global NGO's Collaborate in Radically Open Campaign :: TckTckTck

Jason Mogus is the CEO of Communicopia and co-founder of Web of Change. His summer project was as the head of digital strategy for an unprecedented new global climate change campaign. To execute this highly emergent and fast paced campaign, he brought together 6 Web of Change community companies. Read on:

It's Not About the Web :: Learnings from the STT

Last week we convened Canada's first ever intensive web training event for the social change sector. Called the Social Tech Training, the event was a collaboration between Web of Change, a series of events owned by the community but managed by Communicopia, and the social innovation group at MaRS, a new player in the Canadian social entrepreneurship scene. 

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