Job Posting - Web of Change Community Manager

A contract position doing promotions, writing, and community support for the leading gathering of “social tech” thinkers and do-ers in North America. Web of Change takes place Sept 23-27, 2009 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, BC and this person supports the event production team based at Communicopia’s offices in Vancouver, BC.

Manager for a True Community:

The Community Manager is the main voice of Web of Change. They promote our two primary events: the Social Tech Training in the spring in Toronto, and our flagship Web of Change at Hollyhock, late summer. They work closely with the event production team to help identify target participants in communities we serve, support outreach to those communities, write compelling content for our website and social network presence, help potential participants learn more about the event and get signed up, and generally help us build positive relationships and connections that weave this vibrant and diverse community closer together.

What You Will Do:

Communications and Outreach

  • Staff writer / editor for all official WOC materials including:
    • Invitations and promotions material
    • Updates and blogs on the WOC site, twitter, Facebook, and Communicopia site.
    • Creating the conference package (gathering logos, bios and articles for package. Layout and organizing printing)
  • Specific outreach to target participants
  • General buzz building, partnerships with related organizations, energizing our community and other bloggers.
  • WOC website content development (monthly updates)
  • Work with in-house designer on any designs needed for invites and newsletters.

Participant Management

  • Answering questions, determining suitability for conference
  • Helping to move people from interested to registered

On-site and Post Event

  • On site support for logistics, participant well being, etc (Cortes Island)
  • Lead volunteer team for content capture and publishing (live and post-event)
  • Feedback Survey post event
  • Update website post event.

Who You Need to Be:

  • As the main public voice of Web of Change, our community manager needs to:
  • Be passionate about, interested in, and at least somewhat educated in the social tech space: trends, leaders, how it is changing the world and organizations (learn a lot working with us!)
  • Be engaged with social change service in your community
  • Be a highly competent and fast writer, particularly with authentic voice, blog style communications
  • Be comfortable with HTML, able to produce competent blog posts, newsletters, and updates to Facebook and twitter
  • Be willing to move quickly to respond to participant needs and short turnaround times for materials

Details: this is a contract position, the current term from June 30 2009 to Oct 15, 2009, but likely extended after that.

To Apply: send a cv and short cover note to [email protected].


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