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Opening Up Leadership at Open Everything

Submitted by Julia Watson on Wed, 2008-09-24 16:54.

I’ve just come back from the latest Web of Change conference, Open Everything, held two weeks ago at Hollyhock Retreat Centre on Cortes Island. I had the pleasure of being the logistics coordinator and onsite support person for the event.

Open Everything is an appealing but enigmatic name. In fact the lack of clarity was one of the reasons for the gathering – to get clear on what operating in an ‘open’ mode really means. ‘Open’ is a buzz word that is used a lot around the internet. Most people are familiar with open source software, open technology platforms, and open resources like Wikipedia where anyone can contribute content. But the work of this event was to explore what is behind the open movement and to see if it produces better outcomes than traditional methods.

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"This conference is small enough to really learn from the other attendees, and is very focussed on online social change, and what it takes to make it happen. It's very well facilitated and structured, with constant learning opportunities – and that's why I've returned year after year."
Eric Squair, Manager of Web Communications, Greenpeace Canada