I'm off later this week to attend NetSquared, a sort of unofficial sister event to Web of Change. From their site:

The Net Squared conference will bring a dynamic mix of international leaders in emerging technology, politics and philanthropy together to discuss the future of tech enabled social change work. 

Obviously these folks share some similar goals to us here at Web of Change, though I think our events have slightly different things to offer. We keep things smaller, and less explicity "tech" focused. Besides that, I don't think that Hollyhock and Cisco Systems in San Jose could be much more different as far as venues go—and we wouldn't trade our island experience for anything. :)

I'm very much looking forward to connecting with old friends (I think we need WOC alumni buttons at this point – I run into us everywhere!), meeting new people, and being immersed for two days in heady conversation about "the social web" and what it has to offer to the social change sector. I love that this conversation is picking up so much momentum and am honoured to get to participate.

I'll report back on the experience. Hopefully we'll do some successful cross-pollination and recruit some fine new friends for our 6th Annual Web of Change!


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