Ready or Not...

We're pretty much set to launch with our beautiful new website! It's been a labour of love by the Web of Change and Communicopia team and we're very excited to have a site with a fresh face, a new look, and some great functionality.

We're launching with a fairly basic model, but look for additions to be made in the coming months. We'll be featuring success stories from members of the Web of Change community, a wiki to help registered participants get things going in advance of the event, and who knows what else down the road.

The great thing is that we have built this site with Drupal (big thanks go to Bryght for donating hosting and their tireless customer service to the cause!), and so the possibilities are almost endless. We're considering ways to make it a more interactive community site for past and current conference participants, while bearing in mind the natural limits of online participation in a community that is already overwhelmed by workload and existing online committments. (Comments about addressing this tension would be enthusiastically welcomed...) There is always energy for more and better ways to collaborate, and we're keen to find ways to serve that hunger, without adding to the noise.

In the meantime, enjoy the new site, tell all your friends about the conference, and feel free to submit any feedback you've got to us. Cheers! 


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