Six Questions with the Anchor Team: Jodie Tonita

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing a Web of Change Six Questions series, which is designed to give you quick insight into the minds of our Anchor team. Today, we talk with Jodie Tonita, a network organizer and facilitator whose recent work includes serving as the Director of the Social Transformation Project, Web of Change Anchor, and strategic council to kick-ass movement leaders. This is her 6th year leading Web of Change Community Outreach & Agenda Design.

 1) Tell us a few things about you that aren’t widely known.

I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. My peeps were Romanian tenant farmers who came to Canada for a better life. I am the first generation to not be raised on a farm.

2) What's your take on technology and social change?
I like to ask questions. Questions like "for what"? My personal answer to "for what" and what keeps me in the game is "for justice." I'm a justice devotee. Racial Justice, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Global Justice -- bring it.

I'm a network organizer and facilitator that connects folks and experiments with new ways of being with. Our friend technology is the foundational field that supports both the connection and the capacity to scale. Technology and I - we're tight. I'm really looking forward to the teleporter.

3) What's Important?
Being the Change is important. It's essential that we evolve our capacity to be in relationship with ourselves and each other while we transform structures, institutions, systems, and policies. We need transformed people to create and thrive in a transformed world.

4) What's Hype?
The economic crisis. The pain is real but the story line is not. Let's rewrite it.

5) What's Next?
Good question. I look forward to answering that together.

6) What are the resources that you would recommend people explore in advance of Web of Change 10:10?

Framing Deep Change
Network Leadership
Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog
Gideon Rosenblatt's Blog


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