18 questions on the future of Web of Change

For those of you following along, over the last three months we've been running a unique community driven consultation process to co-create the future of Web of Change programs and institution. This fall we created a new "transition council", recruited some key process advisors, and have directly engaged nearly 80 of you via a series of activities which included an open session at WOC 2011, two community conference calls, local meetings in major WOC cities, and multiple smaller scale lunches, meetings, email submissions, and phone calls. 

The high response and engagement rate has been heartwarming, but we didn't expect anything less from this group! We've also been humbled to hear again and again how important WOC is and has been for so many of you, and how so many of you care so deeply about it continuing to do its work, which many of you even mention is among the most important and valuable work you do for social change. This is exactly the kind of energy we need to take our next leap forward. 

Today we take the next and final major step in this process with the launch of the WOC "Community Ideas" portal. Please take a few minutes and Vote today! 

Community Ideas












On it you will find 18 very focused questions that we're exploring about our future. From new program ideas, to ways of filling our financial gaps - even to where you think WOC should be held - these questions were shaped by your ideas and represent the biggest issues we're wrestling with as we move forward. 

So please take a few minutes and visit, vote, comment, and suggest new ideas. This is the last official step in our consultation process, and voting will close on January 6. 

Vote today!

Thanks, I can't tell you how excited we are to see the results of this experiment. 

Jason Mogus
WOC Founder & Chair, for the entire WOC transition council 


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