Reflections on Web of Change 2011 and Hollyhock

Web of Change happens at a pretty special place each year, Hollyhock — Canada's premier lifelong learning center — on Cortes Island in British Columbia. A remote yet intimate setting, the timber-framed lodges perched on the edge of the Pacific ocean amid the lush temperate rainforest provide a space that nurtures meaningful connections and deep personal discovery.

While at Web of Change 2011, Hollyhock videographers grabbed two of our most fearless leaders and captured their thoughts on why Web of Change and why at Hollyhock.

Web of Change founder, Jason Mogus of Communicopia, gets right to it:

"These times we're living in certainly are causing a lot of unneeded suffering and unnecessary challenges, but they're also opening up so many minds and hearts to be thinking about different solutions.

It creates a huge opportunity for those of us doing digital innovation and trying to drive engagement models and more democracy and openness into institutions of all sizes."

Jason holds a special place in his heart for Hollyhock and the positive role its played in his own professional and personal growth. The individuals that participate in Web of Change tap into that as well and return home from Hollyhock refreshed, inspired, and engaged; and with a greater passion for their work.

Michael Silberman, Web of Change anchor chair, had this to say:

"These days I'm most inspired by the potential of ordinary citizens and individuals to make changes in the world thanks to new technologies and the democratization of technologies that were previously only held by big organizations and institutions."

And how does Michael inspire 100 digital leaders to embark on such a long journey (and to deal with iffy Internet and cell service for five whole days!):

"Hollyhock is a particularly unique place in that it somehow magically enables the people and the leaders who come here to disarm themselves from the traditional roles they often are playing in conferences and convenings. When they are here, they no longer need to be the expert and they're able to be a little more vulnerable and open in exploring the issues that matter most to our work."

We revel in the journey to and from Cortes Island and Web of Change each year, and in all that we do each year from the end of one September to the beginning of the next. And while the chances for sunny weather during late September at Hollyhock are spotty at best, the chances you'll experience a rainbow or two are way up!

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