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In the coming months, we will be aggregating some of the best posts from North America’s social tech leaders.

Lifeboat – Friends at their Best

At WebofChange 2012, Tim Walker and Alia McKee gave a rousing Ignite talk and held conversations on friendships and what we can do to make them better. Now, they’re launching Lifeboat with this new video for you and your friends.


How to encourage diverse digital social change

The digital divide that was anticipated with the rise of the Internet didn’t come true. Minorities not only have access to the Internet but are some of the highest users of social media. 

But another digital divide is emerging; one Fission Strategy co-founder and Web of Change (WoC) alumn Cheryl Contee spoke to during her 2012 Personal Democracy Forum presentation.

Meet your board of directors

Please join me in welcoming your new Web of Change Community board for 2013-2014.  They are:

How NGOs Can Win on Facebook -- Darren Barefoot and Theo Lamb at WebofChange Ignite

See what high-performing social media nonprofits are doing and how they're making their messages and ideas gain wide viewership. Learn what works -- it's more than what you already know.

Young Sexy Farmers - Sara Dent at WebofChange Ignite


We want you! More young sexy farmers are needed to grow our food and our future. Watch and share this fun talk by Sara Dent that shows ways to make our tables and our farms places where delicious, healthy, and sustainable food is the widespread norm.

Jessy Tolkan at WebofChange Ignite

Jessy Tolkan shares her story, her motivations, and her passionate drive for change.

Virality -- Tim Jones at WebofChange Ignite

Tim Jones, UpWorthy's CTO, gives a great set of tips on what's made their promotion of content go way, way viral.

This year we had a banner set of short 5 minute talks by WebofChangers in the Ignite format, hosted handily by Gregory Heller, and we'll be posting a few of these online.


Management Is ______ by Steve Andersen, WebofChange Ignite

Steve Andersen of Salesforce Foundation shares his views on the kind of manager worth being. Enjoy!

This year we had a banner set of short 5 minute talks by WebofChangers in the Ignite format, hosted handily by Gregory Heller, and we'll be posting a few of these online.


Why are we creating a board?

A board. Yes, it's a board!

We've got some exciting news to share about Web of Change and the evolution of our community institution.

If Web of Change has touched your life or career and you have felt the desire to give back, today we are opening up two new engagement pathways for building this community together: five spots on our new board that will steward the next phase of growth of our institution, and four spots on the the 2013 event advisor team to take us to Austin.

How four volunteers reframed the immigration debate

Web of Change plenary session focuses on What Winning Looks Like

MANSONS LANDING, B.C. - They were only four volunteers — albeit one with a little more clout than the rest — but they were able to dramatically impact immigration policy in the United States.

Values Segmentation Drives Successful Campaigns, says Greenpeace

GP’s East Asia communications officer Catherine Fitzpatrick shares how targeted messaging can compel people to act 

When looking to create successful campaigns that compel people to act, organizations need to speak to their audiences’ values.

That’s the message Greenpeace East Asia communications officer Catherine Fitzpatrick shared as part of Web of Change’s session on Messages that Win Sept. 6.

Can Cross-Movement Organizing Create Transformative Change?

Sessions explore strengths and challenges to large-scale collaboration

Two sessions at this year’s Web of Change (WoC) explored the potential of cross-movement organizing in order to build transformative change. In photo, Aisha Satterwhite, Jessy Tolkan (centre), presented Cross-Movement Organizing at Web of Change.

Harnessing the Ubiquitous Mobile for Change

Web of Change presenters share best practices on mobile and app strategy

MANSONS LANDING, B.C. - Mobile phones will soon outnumber people on the planet, but there is still much experimentation to learn how best to use mobile technology to campaign and organize, according to three Web of Change presenters.

Web of Change 2013: Join us in Texas Hill Country

Apollo Gonzales

As you may recall, earlier this year we announced that we would be moving Web of Change to a new location in 2013. The hard decision to take this step was only rivaled in difficulty by the effort to find the right place to move. After searching all over the U.S., and talking to may members of the community, we feel we've found a place that meets a large number of needs and will help our gathering be more accessible to a broader spectrum of our community.

Moving Toward A Techno-Sustainable Lifestyle

 When I first came to Web Of Change in 2005, I had never uploaded a video to YouTube. You probably hadn't either. YouTube did not officially launch its service until November of 2005.  Flickr launched 18 months earlier, and was acquired by Yahoo! in March of 2005. I started uploading photos in April of 2005. Twitter wasn't publicly available until July of 2006, though it didn't start to take off until SXSW Interactive in 2007.

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