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In the coming months, we will be aggregating some of the best posts from North America’s social tech leaders.

Global NGO's Collaborate in Radically Open Campaign :: TckTckTck

Jason Mogus is the CEO of Communicopia and co-founder of Web of Change. His summer project was as the head of digital strategy for an unprecedented new global climate change campaign. To execute this highly emergent and fast paced campaign, he brought together 6 Web of Change community companies. Read on:

The Summer Gathering at Hollyhock on Cortes Island

Kris Krug is a Vancouver based photographer, author and web strategist. He is super engaged in the arts, new media and the internet as a tool for information sharing and community building. Last month, Kris attended the Summer Gathering up at Hollyhock, an invite only retreat that gathered some of the worlds leading artists, activists and social change agents. Read his post below and check out his blog for great images and creative, social and innovative musings.

Our Theory of Change - ONE/Northwest

ONE/Northwest is an innovative hybrid organization that does deep thinking about where this field is going and their role in helping make change happen.  In this blog E.D. Gideon Rosenblatt unpacks the Theory of Change tool that assists ONE/Northwest to evaluate and understand their work, their mission, and the outcomes they seek.  These folks are social innovators committed to social change and building a sustainable society.  Read more to learn how they make it happen.

I Gave Your Organization $500 & All I Got Was This…

Alia McKee-Scott is a leading thinker in online fundraising and is a co-conveners for this year's Web of Change Conference.  In this blog post she outlines some of her most innovative thoughts on how fundraising is evolving to adapt to a more transparent, open Web 2 world.

STT Booms into Toronto


The Social Tech Training and NetChange Week 2009 have come and gone, but after the dust settled what remains is a strong and growing community of emerging leaders filled with new ideas for innovation in their digital campaigns, tools, and programs, and maybe even something a whole lot bigger.

A Message for STT'ers from Don Tapscott

don tapscott

Day 3 of Social Tech Training kicked off with a specially recorded video address from world renowned digital futurist Don Tapscott.

The author of Growing Up Digital and Wikinomics sent a special message to the leaders of STT participating organizations, executive and communications directors, who are often from a different demographic than their web teams. Don drives home the critical importance of culture change and adaptation, and posits that our rapidly shifting world demands those qualities of any organization that hopes to be successful in the digital age.

12 Million Videos for Mom

vid clip

That’s the current count for the viral success of US NGO’s Mom of the Year Video launched earlier this month. Leveraging great production value and clever customization that features Byonce, Brad Pitt and President Obama, this overwhelmingly successful viral campaign lets anyone give their own mother the nod for Mom of the Year in a television style “news” clip.

How did they do it when most non-profit videos fizzle out after a few thousand views?

Is Slacktivism Replacing Activism?


This week at, online activism was given a pretty scathing critique, with much of its activity defined as "slacktivism" - one click actions that have no impact politically or socially, but cater to a "lazy generation" that is uninterested in the traditional hands on activism of the past.

A Humble Model of Success - Jeff Regen Interview

Jeff Regen is a pioneering leader in online strategy who has built a formidable digital program at Defenders of Wildlife in Washington, DC. Since 2004, their online community has grown to more than 800,000 e-supporters, tacks one million yearly advocacy actions, and brings in $5 million-all on the back of an innovative online model that embraces the best of emerging web tools, and which formed the foundation for this year's Social Tech Training.

Right-Wing Taking the Lead in Social Media?

While cash strapped progressive orgs and traditional advocacy organizations sometimes hesitate or balk at investing in web 2.0 their mission may be coming under new attack, from a well funded right-wing that is embracing viral media.

Obama and the New Media Campaign Tools of 2012

Reposted from Mother Jones.

We'd all been receiving text messages from the Obama campaign long before I hit the ground in Ohio. But it wasn't until after a few days working alongside field organizers and their humming cell phones that I realized what was going on: Staff were receiving all kinds of messages that you and I were not. I watched organizers smile at and react to special SMS updates from the state and national headquarters, often designed to keep morale high or to relay timely insider information to key volunteers. For example, "we've already knocked on 40,000 doors today across the state—keep it up and we'll reach 50,000 new voters by dark."

Social Change — Building the Business Model

Web of Change launched the 2009 season with Designing for Democracy — a multimedia presentation by social entrepreneur, technologist and artist Favianna Rodriguez at Vancouver’s stunning 319 Theatre. In our follow up interview, we asked the Oakland native about her business model for change, and how she has grown her social mission through a unique relationship between her web agency, TUMIS, and the Eastside Arts Alliance, the community non-profit she cofounded in 1999.

The End of the Email Newsletter?

newsletter samples

Late last month, Thomas Gensemer created a minor firestorm when he suggested that organizations should abandon email newsletters in favour of short, focused updates with clear calls to action.

Extreme statements can often be dismissed, but not when they’re made be the digital strategist who put together Barack Obama’s $500 million dollar online campaign.

“Our Coolest Campaigns Ever”: Inspiration from WOC

Rainforest Action Network

Innovation is the most challenging type of work to be involved in. By nature, it pushes you out of you comfort zones and into an exploration of the unknown. There's great risk, but also great reward.

Web of Change deserves a lot of credit for pushing both myself and my organization to be far more innovative, creative and bold in our online advocacy. Thanks to this community, Rainforest Action Network has launched some of the most effective campaigns in our history.

Principles of Effective Online Communication in Web 2.0

During STT 2008, Jon Warnow presented on the key factors every campaigner needs to consider in developing effective online communications. Here are the highlights from his presentation.

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