Your Board of Directors

The Web of Change board of directors serve as decision makers for the annual gatherings and steer the strategic direction of Web of Change. The board ensures that key strategic decisions and financial oversight are made by a responsible, committed, and diverse set of leaders from the community.

In Spring 2017, the board recruited a Board Selection Committee to lead an intentional process to recruit the next generation of Board Members.

In June 2017, thanks to the hard work of the Board Selection Committee, the board is adding 9 new members to grow to 12 members total.

Meet your Board of Directors:


Lauren Brown, Event Co-Chair


Recovering beauty queen and Southerner, Lauren Brown is a writer, television producer and new media strategist, who's clients and credits include Coca-Cola, The Weather Channel, Georgia Public Broadcasting, The Young Turks, Planned Parenthood, International Society of Africans in Wine(ISAW), The National Visionary Leaders Project, Jack and Jill Politics, Minority Landowners Conference, Huffington Post and New Leaders Council.

Lauren began building creative campaigns and communications strategies for nonprofits and political entities through her own company Lauren Brown Media. In 2009, Lauren returned to her education at Spelman College, where she led the Digital Moving Image Salon under Ayoka Chenzira, producing two Reel Women Film Festivals,  and the live portions of the National Visionary Leaders Project, as well as Digital Doyennes: Wisdom from the Women who Lead in Social Media and Digital Innovation.

Lauren served as outreach coordinator and lead installer for Ayoka Chenzira’s 2011 ISEA Conference installation titled, “Ordinary on Any Given Day”. Lauren has been named a fellow of New Leaders Council Atlanta, New Media Institute, National Black Programming Consortium.

At present Lauren is a tremendous advocate of art as activism and enjoys producing philanthropic events helping community and grassroots organizations leverage the platforms of celebrities and other creatives for maximum social impact.


Jen Castro, Event Co-Chair

Jen Castro is an multidisciplinary artist working in and between environmental justice, anti-racism, migrant justice and indigenous resurgence movements. Her connections with them are through grassroots collectives and projects, providing logistical, digital media and hands on support for non-violent direct actions and gatherings. She has also designed and executed artistic interventions that engage people to learn about lesser known aspects of injustice and resistance including decolonizing as a settler through action.

Her fluidity in these movements comes from recognizing the connections between them and the social forces that support the very systems that uphold abuse, violence and indignation of the world’s most vulnerable. Intersections of gender, race and class inequality are lived and analysed experiences as much as the privileges of settler citizenship as a cis-gender able bodied person. Her belief is that liberation must be pursued intersectionality and collaboratively between movements.  


Eugene Flynn, International Co-Chair

Eugene Flynn lives and plays with his wife, twin boys and dog in the remote and dramatic North West of Ireland. At work, he's a UX designer and digital campaign strategist with over 17 years experience in digital mobilisation. He's co-founder at 54 Degrees, a digital mobilisation agency that helps movements and campaigns to seed, grow and achieve real world impact. His life experience in activism ranges from successful community action to influential national and international campaigns. He has directed hundreds of successful digital projects and trained activists from over 60 countries in the use of digital technology for social impact. He's a passionate life long learner, bridge builder and feels at home at Web of Change. 


Amanda Kloer, Strategic Planning Chair

Amanda is a digital campaigning and social good startup consultant. She focused on building and scaling high-performing programs and teams that use technology to change the world and engage citizens in democracy. Before running her own business, she worked for, where she built and scaled several digital organizing programs, led leadership development and engagement programs around the world, and developed digital campaigning educational content for millions of people.  She had a decade of experience  leading advocacy campaigns on human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, genocide, and LGBT rights. She has been a featured speaker at SXSW, and her organizing work has been featured in the Washington Post, BBC, TIME, CNN, and other publications.

In 2016 Amanda co-founded FutureShift -- an organization at the intersection of speculative fiction and social change -- with fellow Web of Changer Jo Miles. FutureShift helps organizations and people solve real problems by imagining better futures. When she's not making change or geeking out professionally, you can find her in Washington DC cooking, drinking wine, and making baby costumes for my kiddo.     


Austen Levihn-Coon, Treasurer

Austen is a nonprofit innovation consultant helping social change organizations increase their impact. He combines his deep experience with nonprofit technology, grassroots organizing, organizational change management, and campaign optimization to help nonprofits identify and implement new pathways to scale. Previously, Austen was the Chief Innovation Officer at Fission Strategy Austen where he directed an industry-leading team of digital campaigners, designers, and developers to create campaigns, websites, and apps for leading progressive organizations including Color of Change, Greenpeace, Define American, and Everytown for Gun Safety.

Austen has also led initiatives with Joe Trippi & Associates, the Energy Action Coalition, Obama for America 2008, and the Texas Campaign for the Environment. Austen has a B.A. from Middlebury College where he studied social movement theory and new models of distributed organizing.  


Maya Menezes, Health & Safety Coordinator

Maya is the Director of Development at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, a core organizer with No One Is Illegal Toronto, a Ganz Model community organizing facilitator at the Institute for Change Leaders- Ryerson University and serves on the board of Toronto 350. At T.E.A, Maya works to create innovative forms of donor engagement, fundraising solutions and community mobilization tactics. Prior to working at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, Maya spent eight years developing fundraising strategy, digital campaigns creation and phone fundraising campaigns at Public Outreach Consultancy. Maya rejects the concept of borders and believes collective liberation in Canada begins with Indigenous Solidarity and the movement for Black Lives. She works everyday to fight all forms of systemic oppression grounded in white supremacy. Maya is an alum of the University of Toronto where she studied race, gender and class social equity, environmental science and food sovereignty.


Leena Minifie, Community Co-Chair

Leena is a communications strategy expert, working as a producer, curator, journalist, and media maker for over 17 years.

Leena has worked in every facet of media and communications planning. She works with grunt Gallery as Communications Director, is a freelance digital strategist and an editor for Ricochet Media’s Indigenous Reporting Fund, and has produced stories for organizations such as CBC Radio One news and APTN National News.

Leena has accrued knowledge over her career on how Indigenous communities need specialized, unique, and a nuanced approach to politics, environment, history and the dissemination of stories. Leena has acted as an Indigenous communications consultant for multiple agencies and finds her passion at the intersection of art, culture, environment and politics.

Connect with Leena: [email protected] or @leenaminifie


Tim Molina, Fundraising Chair

Tim Molina is the Organizing Director for Courage Campaign, a grassroots organization that fights for a more progressive California and country. As Organizing Director, Tim is in charge of mobilizing thousands of Californians on the ground, throughout the state and in Sacramento, to hold Democrats accountable to progressive priorities and the needs of everyday Californians. Before coming to Courage, Tim was at Brave New Films as their Outreach Director where he directed national campaigns around BNF's full-length documentaries and short videos, working on issues ranging from mass incarceration, workers rights, immigration, and U.S. wars. Prior to joining BNF, Tim worked with as a National Field Organizer, where he oversaw over 1 million MoveOn members in CA, HI, and AK. Tim started his organizing career as a Labor Organizer with SEIU Local 1021 based out of San Francisco. Originally from Los Angeles, Tim is currently based in Sacramento.


Harold Moore, Community Co-Chair

Harold Moore is a consultant, trainer, organizer and recruiter originally from Chicago, Illinois. His specialties include integrations across on and offline channels, training and data collection. He’s worked nationally for causes, candidates and organizations including Obama for America, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the American Heart Association, Blue State Digital, Color of Change, Rock the Vote and many more in a variety of technical, managerial and advocacy roles. Additionally he has served as a trainer or coach for Camp Wellstone, the Kairos Digital Fellowship, the Congressional Black Caucus and Airbnb and as a board member of the Mikva Challenge and Web of Change. If you need help with strategy, CRMs or just want to chat feel free to reach out!


Bhavik Lathia, On Temporary Leave

Bhavik is a campaign strategist and technologist. He got his start in the United States at organizations such as MoveOn, 350, and ColorOfChange. Currently, he helps manage the campaigns team at, a public mobilization group committed to a just and sustainable India, built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry. Bhavik lives in Bangalore, India.

Bhavik’s passions include people and storytelling. You will find him at the heart of any party with a story to tell, an audience to share it with, and a drink in his hand. He will also likely be dancing.