Process & Timeline

Here's how board nomination works:

  1. The process kicks off with the creation of an alumni-led Board Selection Committee.  The Board Selection Committee will review candidates and make a recommendation to the board on new board members.
  2. There will then be a nomination period for new Members of the Board. Any alumni can nominate a candidate from the alumni community. You can also nominate yourself to the board.
  3. After nominations close, nominees will have an opportunity to talk to a current board member to learn more about what it means to be on the board and to ask any questions they might have before formally applying for a seat.
  4. Nominees who decide to apply for a board seat will then have the opportunity to submit a formal application.
  5. The Board Selection Committee will review all applications and make a recommendation to the board on which applicants should become board members based on the organization’s needs.
  6. The Board of Directors will review the slate of nominees recommended by the Board Selection Committee and approve the new board members to fill any empty board seats.  Nominees must be approved by a majority vote of continuing board members to become a director.


You’re right, this isn’t the way that board elections have worked in the past.

Web of Change has a set of very particular needs rooted in living up to our values of anti-racism, equity, transparency, and fiscal responsibility that requires members of the board of directors to be committed to serving, have the experience and expertise needed to run the organization, and a shared vision for what the organization can achieve.

Over the last year, we found that the organization was not best served through a popular election process for the selection of new board members. The previous board popular election process did not account for the needs of the organization or a nominee’s ability to serve.


  1. March 30: Applications open for Community Board Selection Committee.
  2. April 6: Applications close for Board Selection Committee.
  3. April 21: Nominations open for new board members!
  4. May 7: Nominations close 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
  5. May 8-May 12: Nominees decide whether or not to run and complete applications. Informational calls with current board members as needed.
  6. May 13-May 16: Board Selection Committee reviews board applications and makes recommendation to the board of directors.
  7. May 17-20: Board reviews and approves new board members.
  8. May 22: New board members announced.
  9. June 3: First Board Meeting.
  10. June 4: Community Leadership Convening


Anyone who has been to a Web of Change is eligible to apply for the board.