Draft Agenda now Available

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Mon, 2007-06-25 08:14.

Our draft agenda is now available. We've identified five key themes, and are in the process of deciding on the best sessions and the best leaders to bring those themes to life.

Likely sessions include:

  • Leading with Strategy
  • The Art of Building a Team
  • Project Management
  • Online/Offline Integration
  • Cross Channel Campaigning (weaving Web 2.0 tools with offline events)
  • Collaboration and Story-telling in Action
  • What’s new, hot and worth paying attention to (and what is not worth your time or money)?

With so much innovation and growth all around us in our community of committed change agents, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to catalyze crucial conversations, and to make our work as a movement more useful, and more effective.

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"Web of Change isn’t a “wham bam here’s my business card” conference. I made sincere personal and professional connections with people that have lasted. Five days on Cortes Island offered me the luxury of time to learn, laugh, and understand my work and my larger place in the progressive community."
Alia McKee, Executive Director, SeaChange Strategies