Innovation Processes (Staying on the Edge of Cutting) - Session Notes

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Fri, 2007-09-21 14:34.

Session facilitator: Michael Silberman, EchoDitto

notes by Jon Stahl

EchoDitto's practice for sharing innovation in their ~20 person organization: weekly, Monday-lunch "creative jam" sessions. Share interesting new tools, statistics, campaigns doing interesting things, etc. "skipping rocks" One hour.

1. One-minute summary
2. Two minutes of questions --- what does it do, how could we use this
in a campaign context.
3. Tag source URLs in (shared delicious account. Tag with
staff name.)
4. Lightly facilitated
5. They don't capture the discussion – only capture the sites via delicious.

They follow the rabbit trails for a couple of minutes.

Bits of discussion

Alex Samuel: corporations are interested in facebook as a marketing
channel to reach young people, they are afraid of/not interested in
the data. (Canadian privacy laws!)

David Eaves: don't try to keep track of what's going on; think of what
you need and go find it.

How to increase signal to noise when a list/site/feed/channel reaches
its Dunbar number?

Alex Samuel: two files: 1) general information/inspiration file to go
back to later 2) tools for personal productivity/effectiveness/how
you get your own work done.

How do we capture the processes for using things? (Not just lists of tools.)

How to scale awareness/collaboration practices into large enterprises.

URLs that we captured
Camstudio – open source screen recorder for Windows
Firefox screen grab extension
Skitch – still screen capture app with simple editing, drag tab into
any desktop program. Good for quick emailing of screen shots.
Invitation-only beta.
Robot Replay – javascript that lets youle are watch web visitors'
mouse movements. (Web of Change alumni Andre Charland)
CrazyEgg – heatmaps - Robodialing integrated with Salesforce.
TD (bank) bill-splitting application for facebook.
Green Leaves – facebook app.
Andonomics (?) (formerly appaholic) – evals of Facebook apps.
Social Source Commons – toolsharing for nonprofit techies. – tracks open-source stacks and projects. – converts PowerPoints to web-shareable format.

Brainstorming Collaboration Practices


How to effectively tag listserv content.

Today Messages (just google it to find).

Some sort of automated screen showing things (sourced from a tag?) in
a common area.

Office Hours

Chatrooms – e.g. Skype public chats (less techie than IRC). Very
similar, though, max 100 users.


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