Social Tech Training Site Launched

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Wed, 2008-03-12 16:08.

The Social Tech Training website (and registration!) is now live.

We're really excited about this workshop – it's our biggest event of this year, we've got a handful of talented Web of Changers on faculty, and we're working with a terrific team at MaRS. Plus, the agenda is shaping up to be amazing – to our knowledge, there is no other training like this.

As you know, many organizations (companies as well as NGOs) these days are seeking that mythical person who understands the web, understands social networks, understands the opportunities and the challenges that the web offers for deepening engagement, and can take leadership in that space. So we've created the training we would want to go to, and send our staff to – to help people create leaders and build capacity to harness the web as a tool for social change.

We hope you'll help us to spread the word!

(And if you'd like to join us... make sure you register soon.)


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"The thing that draws me back is not the 'professional development', but rather the incredibly powerful connection back to why we do all what we do. WOC recovered for me the purpose of this work and why I am in it. I think this is true for many who have been there – and the realization and clarification of this with trusted friends leads to a lifelong bond."
Katrin Verclas, Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)