Getting Going

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Wed, 2006-05-10 13:09.

Well, our beautiful new site won't be launched for a few days yet, but we're all pretty excited about it! In the meantime, things are definitely starting to come together for this year's conference. Our convening team is thick in conversations about possible themes, speakers, and participants, and this is certainly shaping up to be a ground-breaking year for Web of Change. The network is growing, the word is spreading, and if you are hoping to be at this year's conference, mark it on your calendar and get in touch now

Our convening team gathered recently and did some work around clarifying what we are, what we are not, and what we offer that other conferences don't. There are certainly many conferences (and un-conferences) out there competing for limited attention, time and financial resources. How do we explain what we are in such a way that the right people don't hesitate to show up?

And the best answer is that Web of Change is a community, and a festival, and a thing that lives and grows more vibrant as each year goes by. Our agenda for this year is not set it stone yet, and we haven't even started taking registrations (soon!). But people come back to this event year after year, and every year more new people hear about it and want to come.

People struggling with how to most effectively do their social change work get new insights, new tools, and new contacts about how technology can help them. And technology providers and freelancers get to connect with the community that needs their work to do good in the world. This meeting of minds is what grows a network with real value.

We'll be collecting stories on the site over the coming months. We'll be building up our agenda. We'll be keeping you posted on exciting developments. It's going to be a fun year - keep us on your radar!


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"This conference is small enough to really learn from the other attendees, and is very focussed on online social change, and what it takes to make it happen. It's very well facilitated and structured, with constant learning opportunities – and that's why I've returned year after year."
Eric Squair, Manager of Web Communications, Greenpeace Canada