Kickass Keynotes at Web of Change

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Wed, 2006-08-30 18:39.

We've been hard at work this past few weeks lining up and confirming the keynote speakers for Web of Change next month. We're very excited about them and we think you will be too!

Our very own Madeline Stanionis will open the conference with an informal chat about her lessons learned from over a decade in the trenches. From door-to-door camaigner to kick-ass online money-raiser, now freewheeling on her book tour after retiring from DonorDigital, Madline never ceases to wow everyone at Web of Change. We're excited to highlight her more formally this year. Check our her bio here.

Then we've got Adrienne Maree Brown on "Titilating Technology"... Join Adrienne to talk about the shift from issue hopping to sophisticated issue alignment, and from reactionary elitist grumbling to innovative application of grassroots solutions. She proposes that we need more direct action geeks with a deep, personal, political analysis who can hold the movement accountable to open space thinking about compatible programming that allows for the sum of all our work to be greater than the parts. This is part speech and part call to tech action...

Adrienne Maree Brown is the Executive Director of the Ruckus Society. She also serves on the advisory board of, the Allied Media Conference and Liberty Tree. Best know as a co-founder of the League of Young/Pissed Off Voters, Adrienne was co-editor of the youth organizing collection HTGSWMOOO. As a writer, singer and organizer, Adrienne has been involved in the growth of many organizations, most recently the New Orleans Network, the Future 5000, and the Arctic Indigenous Youth Alliance.

We've also got Martin Gil on Lessons from the World's Biggest Interactive Event but check out Jason's blog for more on that.

So there's our keynotes... but that's only a small fraction of what we've got lined up. Make sure you check out the agenda and the participants list, because together they make a pretty good case for why you might want to get registered.... today!


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"If you have a chance to go, I strongly recommend it. Beyond the amazing setting (Hollyhock is right out of a fairytale), you will meet and interact with committed, knowledgeable people who live and breathe technology and online strategy. (I also learned almost as much about myself at this conference as I did about web-based campaigns.) "
Kevin Reid, formerly of Amnesty International USA