Less than 3 weeks to go!

Submitted by EricS on Sun, 2006-09-03 07:54.

Less than three weeks to go until Web of Change, and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and re-connecting with returning folk. This will be my fourth time at WoC and Hollyhock in as many years.

One aphorism keeps coming up when I think of how WoC re-energizes me each fall. "When you are knee deep in alligators, it's hard to remember that the goal was to drain the swamp." Not the eco-friendliest of metaphors, but work with me.

Spending a few days with dozens of inspiring people doing similar work to mine forces me to step back and re-evaluate what I am doing and why. It also gives me an opportunity to see how other people are draining their swamps - what works, what doesn't and what to try next. The (un)conference format offers the perfect opportunity to both join established conversations or strike up new ones with your peers.

This year I am really interested in two areas of the program: the challenges of getting projects going (and thriving) in different organizational cultures and the power of storytelling for creating social change. Both of these are topics I have thought about a fair amount, and I look forward to sharing thoughts and inspirations with others.

Eric Squair is the Web Manager for Greenpeace Canada and a four-time Web of Change participant.


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"Web of Change isn’t a “wham bam here’s my business card” conference. I made sincere personal and professional connections with people that have lasted. Five days on Cortes Island offered me the luxury of time to learn, laugh, and understand my work and my larger place in the progressive community."
Alia McKee, Executive Director, SeaChange Strategies