*Almost* Full!

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Thu, 2006-09-07 15:27.

With two weeks left to go, and new requests for information and attendance coming through the proverbial door every day... Web of Change 2006 is basically sold out. This is going to be our biggest conference to date!

There's always a bit of give at the end, as this person can't make it and that person squeezes in – you know how it goes. However, there's a pretty non-negotiable space limit at Hollyhock – they only have so many beds (and tent spaces) on the land, and they are basically all spoken for. If you're still hoping to squeeze in there, please drop a line to [email protected] to get your name on the waiting list. Next year, please register early!

On the plus side, we've got tons of exciting people coming from all over North America. It's so inspiring to know that there are so many people and groups out there harnessing the power of the web for social change, and we can't wait to witness the magic that transpires when they all get together for 4 days at Hollyhock.


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"Imagine a civilized north-south exchange, a serene setting providing for all your basic needs, a gathering bringing together hard working, wonky, driven, and passionate beings engaging diverse communities. Web of Change participants are coming up with answers to perennially difficult questions around justice, fairness, the pursuit of happiness and how we can construct and sustain good governance."
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Associate, Movement Strategy Centre