Is Web of Change for You?

Jamia Wilson, Women, Action & The Media Photo: Dakota Fine

Jamia Wilson, Women, Action & The Media
Photo: Dakota Fine

Do you organize and run digital campaigns for social change? Do you care passionately about how technology can be used to make a more equitable and just world? Then, join our community of committed practitioners determined to up their game. At Web of Change we strive to show up as our full selves, candidly sharing frontline experiences, reflecting deeply on our impact, and finding the network and support we need to do transformational work. 

We’ve noticed some common threads among people who gain the most from Web of Change.


  • Curious: open to new ideas and willing to ask questions

  • Honest: direct and willing to speak the truth

  • Vulnerable: aware of one’s own limitations, understand that being authentic and open allows connections at a more meaningful level

  • Brave: willing to step into situations that are challenging and that require courage

  • Resourceful: able to get big things done with limited resources

  • Collaborative: exemplifies what it means to work together to achieve bigger change than we can on our own

  • Catalytic Change Agents: knows that if we can act fearlessly to provoke change, we can do it

  • Leaders: understands that leadership, personal mastery, and the ability to communicate with and inspire others is critical to creating lasting change.

Theo Lamb, Hollyhock Photo: Eugene Chan

Theo Lamb, Hollyhock
Photo: Eugene Chan

Web of Change was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Thank you with all my heart.
— First-time conference attendee


We strive to make equity and inclusion a priority in every element of Web Of Change.

PaKou Her presenting on the Borderlands Photo: Eugene Chan

PaKou Her presenting on the Borderlands
Photo: Eugene Chan

Our community needs a wide range of perspectives and experiences to successfully create change in our world. Web of Change offers an opportunity to model the change we want to see and to subvert pervasive dynamics that inhibit informed, thoughtful, and inclusive decisions in our campaigns and other work.

Over time, Web of Change as a community has increasingly prioritized equity amongst our participants, and strives to be an intentionally multi-racial and multi-national organization.

We're a community that strives to have open dialogue about mistakes we make and continually commit to being more inclusive and open. This statement of goals is a step toward the Web of Change community we seek to create.