Web of Change 2012 and Beyond

Voting is now closed!

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in our poll! Results are below.  The Transition council will be meeting in January to sift through all the input and make some decisions.  Stay tuned!



Idea Votes
Encourage WOCx Local Events 131
Hire an Executive Producer to help lighten the load on volunteer anchors 122
Move to a more accessible, US based wilderness location 119
Stay at Hollyhock on Cortes Island 117
Find foundations who support networks / tech innovation 95
Offer stipends to event anchors, turning them into hybrid volunteer/paid roles 94
Invest in content thought leadership 90
Develop leadership circles - local peer groups 88
Become a non-profit 88
Host alternative years at Hollyhock and a similar US based location 84
Raise the tuition fees to cover the true costs of the experience 82
Find a tech millionaire funder 74
Become self-funded: Create a membership model that maintains independence 74
Host 2 annual summit events - one at Hollyhock, one at a more accessible location 70
Partner more deeply with an existing NGO 69
Become a social venture business / social enterprise 69
Deepen asks / commitment from current sponsors 68
Your role - what do YOU want to contribute? 63
Drop the annual summit event 62


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