Agenda Evolution

Lunch table conversation

I and the rest of your Anchor Team have been working hard, and we wanted to whet your appetite for the feast that’s going to be the Web of Change 2012 conference agenda.  Are you hungry?

Individual sessions aren’t yet set, and we’re still gathering the team of fellows who will do heavy-lifting related to session design, but themes are emerging and we are very, very excited.  

Are you ready to talk/learn/think about:

•    How are our opponents winning and why?  What can we learn?
•    Local vs. National – where are the wins that matter and who’s developing working strategies?
•    Data!  Big data! What are people doing with all of the data sets that are out there?
•    The failure confessional (everybody’s favorite!)
•    User-centered mobile apps – examples of awesome experience design
•    The long road – how do we fund our work into the future and what are some new models?
•    What are the initiatives/campaigns/projects for which WOC can serve as a launchpad?
•    Beautiful back-ends (the technical platform that makes the beautiful campaign possible)
•    Innovation labs and incubators – how are they working and what are we learning?
•    Building stronger and deeper relationships ourselves and in our movements

And so, so, so much more!  I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points, which I’m generally opposed to under most circumstances, but I think this is going to be a juicy agenda.  (!)

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