Crowdsourced board voting process

We are inviting anyone who has participated in Web of Change in the past 12 years to help us choose a new community driven board of directors. For more background see Why are we creating a board?  

To nominate yourself or someone else for the WOC board, click here. Nominations are open until Feb 8, 2013.

We are looking for five volunteers to become board members. These are WOC community members who:

  • Are passionate, effective, and committed to this space, to transformative social change, and to seeing this community thrive
  • Reflect the diversity and creativity that have always been a core part of our community
  • Are viewed as leaders amongst your peers, with clear management experience
  • Have been to at least one WOC event
  • Can help lead one of the pillars of our intended growth:
    • Funder / earned revenue development
    • Organizational structure and managing growth while staying nimble
    • Movement innovation (where are our movements going)
    • Campaign &/or Tech innovation (where is our field going)
  • Have the capacity to join this board as a volunteer for a two year term, meeting the time commitment detailed below.
  • Time Commitment: The board will convene quarterly over the course of each year. With 1 meeting being all day and in-person, and the other 3 quarterly meetings taking place via video conference for no more than 2 hours each.

So what about this crowdsourced board voting process? Because WOC has always been a collaborative affair, we felt it best suited our culture to open up board slots to nominating and voting by our community.

Here's how the process will work: 

Please nominate someone you believe meets this criteria, or nominate yourself! Don’t be shy!

  • We encourage WOC community members to nominate yourself, or someone you believe would be a great candidate
  • Use our Google Moderator tool to nominate
  • Nominations are open now, until Feb 8, 2013. 
  • Nominated candidates will be contacted by Julia Watson to confirm interest, and that they meet the criteria identified above. If so, their name will be put forward to run for the board 
  • Voting for the board will begin on Feb 18 and run for 2 weeks, until Friday, March 1
  • Each WOC community member can cast up to 5 votes for the board
  • The top 5 vote getters will become the new board! 

Why not nominate yourself or someone you respect right now!  


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