Dearest Web of Change Community

Greetings from Milwaukee, WI! Some of you I know very well, and others just by name and remarkable reputation, and yet I share something very special with each and everyone of you - attending a Web of Change conference. It's that common experience that makes you the perfect audience for this post.

To say that Web of Change has changed my life - is an understatement. It's guided me through two critically important career changes, its introduced me to the most brilliant and innovative leaders in our field, and perhaps most notable of all, its helped me build a rock-solid community of colleagues and friends that are supporting me back to health right now.
You see I'm in the midst of an EPIC recovery. I'm 7 1/2  weeks into a summer-long stretch of bouncing-back from a bone marrow transplant. It's been quite a haul, filled with ups and downs, but perhaps defined most importantly by the tremendous amount of love and support I could have ever imagined. In large part that support has come from so many within this Web of Change community.
So here's my ask to all of you...Let's help lots more people join this beautiful community. Let's introduce the innovation, magic, and love that Web of Change has to offer to a new group of hungry organizers, strategists, visionaries, and change-makers. Let's all pitch in, to ensure that finances don't keep any participants away. 
Already so many of you have shown up in huge ways. We've raised more than $60,000 to support this years event from very generous organizational sponsors, and are just $15,000 away from hitting our overall goal. Whether you're headed to Austin with us this year, or are reminiscing about Web of Change 10 years ago, consider contributing whatever you can to help create that experience for someone else. 
Web of Change 2014 is my goal post for recovery - the planning - in and of itself has given me purpose during this pretty slow and daunting get-better period - and nothing would be more fulfilling that hitting our fundraising goal in the next week, to ensure we can support the financial needs of all attendees.
A huge thank you to Web of Change for being the most unique group of people ever assembled. 
With deep thanks, appreciation, and love from Recovery land, US, aka as Milwaukee, WI,
Jessy Tolkan

PS It's not too late to become an organizational sponsor! If you're still interested, please get in touch with Michael Silberman (



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