Meet two more Web of Change hosts!

Shayna Englin
Principal, Englin Consulting

Idea - Better Accountability for Advocacy

We're doing ever-more creative advocacy campaigns that utilize innovative tactics to engage activists in novel ways, but it's not clear that our campaigns are resulting in the change we're trying to make in the world.  How can we make our advocacy campaigns more accountable for real outcomes?

Post WOC Outcomes
A renewed commitment to advocacy accountability and nascent models for better measurement against real-world goals and outcomes made available to the broad progressive online community through blog posts, e-books, and webinars for discussion and evolution.

Number 1 Reason I'm Going to Web of Change
The opportunity to take a break from the everyday to reflect and think about the state of our art with brilliant people committed to social change.

Mark Rovner
Founding Principal, Sea Change Strategies

Idea - How to invest a deep humanity into online communications
How can we develop a new generation of community and engagement that has warmth, intimacy and captures the heart. A huge part of this is using the Internet effectively as a storytelling vehicle.

Post WOC Outcome
By nurturing a communications ethic that values message above channels, and heart above mind.

Number 1 Reason I am going to Web of Change
I'm going partially for selfish reasons -- to tap the cumulative creative brilliance of the group to identify a workable business model for Sea Change that helps us walk our talk.

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