Another Web of Change 10:10 Host Announced

Jocelyn Harmon
Director of Business Development, Care2

Idea: Race and Ethnicity Matter Online
It's no secret that we are undergoing a huge demographic shift in the United States.  The Census Bureau estimates that by 2042 (some have revised the estimate to 2050), we will be a "majority-minority" nation.  In fact, in four states - California, New Mexico, Texas and Hawaii - people of color already comprise a majority of the population. 

  • What does this mean for us as online community organizers, fundraisers and public policy advocates?
  • How will and should our outreach efforts be shaped by the nation’s changing demographics?
  • How do we make an economic as well as ethical case for diversity?
  • What strategies and tactics can we employ to create more inclusive communities online so that we can realize the "democratizing power" of the Internet?

Post WOC Outcomes
Create an economic case and outline best practices for building inclusive communities online.

Number 1 Reason I'm Going to Web of Change
So that I can hang out with and learn from smart folks!

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