Open Sessions

To supplement & enhance the formal programming on tap at Web of Change 2013, there are opportunities for self-organizing during the same schedule blocks as breakout sessions.
Say what?
Long favored as a fair, non-hierarchical way of organizing meetings & conferences, open organizing is the instituting of time & space for people to engage around issues of concern to them, as decided by them. Any and every issue someone cares about enough to raise will be on the table.
Topics are determined by you: participants with the desire to see a discussion through. Open space sessions often result in transformative experiences for the individuals & groups involved.
This approach is employed asan empowering process that supports positive transformation in groups/orgs, enhances collaboration, increases productivity, inspires creative solutions, improves communication

  • a simple, powerful way to catalyze effective working conversations
  • a highly effective way for collaborators to identify timely/critical issues, to voice their passions and concerns, learn from each other, and, when appropriate, take collective responsibility for finding solutions or political action
  • a methodological tool that enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with complex issues in a very short period of time

Open Space operates under four principles and one law. The four principles are:

  1. Whoever shows up are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
  3. When it starts is the right time
  4. When it's over it's over

The Law is known as the Law of Two Feet:
"If you find yourself in a situation where you are not contributing or learning, move somewhere where you can."
Over to you!
If you are motivated by an issue/topic not found on the current WOC 2013 program, feel free to propose an open session to discuss it. All we ask is that open sessions stay within the daily themes of this gathering for the sake of continuity.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the open session proposal board (location TBC) that’ll be hung fresh every morning (the opportunity for participants to interact with the proposal board will be well publicized)
  2. Use the sharpies provided to post the topic you wish to cover in an open session that day, including your full name, the time block you want to hold it (must be during scheduled breakout sessions), and where to meet
  3. Anyone interested in joining your proposed open session must write their name under it by lunch time

Proposed open sessions achieving five interested names or more by lunch time will proceed.
Formal meeting space is limited, so open sessions will have go down casually on a patch of grass, under a tree, picnic table, dorm room … you get the idea.

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