Two new WOC 10:10 hosts announced!

Arif Mamdani
Executive Director, Progressive Technology Project

Idea - Raising the bar for technology infrastructure and capacity in progressive community organizing groups

The field of organizing has made significant strides in building technology capacity, but we have a really long way to go. The problems I see today are not too different from the problems I was seeing 10 years ago.

Together, we will dicuss.

  1. What's needed to end this sector-wide digital divide? What strategies do we need to advance, and with whom, to ensure a high level of technical capacity across the sector?
  2. What organizational models can support this work in a sustainable way?  I'm increasingly skeptical about the efficacy of a strictly non-profit approach.  Who else is out there, and what are they trying?

WOC Outcome

A refined roadmap and set of partners in tackling this challenge.  

Number 1 Reason I am going to Web of Change

This is my first time going to Web of Change, so I'm looking forward to the experience.

Gibran Rivera
Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Idea - Liberate social movements from the organizational constraints delineated by the nonprofit industrial complex.

I’m particularly interested in the emergent power that can come out of fostering an intersection between movement leaders who are of color and the Web of Change community. I want to have conversations about how movement leaders can take advantage of new media and the services and talents represented at WOC as well as to use dialogue to inform how the technology crowd can better serve the movement.

Post WOC Outcome

Deeper relationships and strategic connections that lead participants to relate to each other through smart technology and beyond organizational boundaries

Number 1 Reason I am going to Web of Change

Getting a taste of the “Big Mind” with 100 people who were willing to expand their consciousnes

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