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Agenda Evolution

Lunch table conversation

I and the rest of your Anchor Team have been working hard, and we wanted to whet your appetite for the feast that’s going to be the Web of Change 2012 conference agenda.  Are you hungry?

Individual sessions aren’t yet set, and we’re still gathering the team of fellows who will do heavy-lifting related to session design, but themes are emerging and we are very, very excited.  

Are you ready to talk/learn/think about:

•    How are our opponents winning and why?  What can we learn?

Help shape Web of Change 2012

The beach at Cortes Island, We of Change 2011

Agenda anchor Karen Uffelman and the rest of the Web of Change 2012 team want to know what's on your minds and plates this year. What’s new and exciting in your work?  What challenges  are you facing?  What do you find encouraging, confusing, intriguing?  What new technology and and innovations are you seeing or wanting to see? What do you want to share, learn about, discuss?

Now open for 2012 Applications

Web of Change at Hollyhock is planned for September 5-9, 2012.

If you haven't attended Web of Change before, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] with your name, organization, position, and organizational social change mandate. Once you've been approved you can contact Hollyhock to make your reservation. See more about registration.

Announcing 2012 Anchor Team

I'm thrilled to introduce you to your anchor team for this year's Web of Change:

The anchors represent a talented crew of generous volunteers who will spend the next 5 months supporting you, this year's fellows (TBD), and people we haven't even met yet, in building yet another incredible Web of Change.

2012 Anchor Search

photo credit: John Baldevisio

Web of Change doesn't happen without the dedicated effort of a handful of diligent volunteers who design and co-create the event. Today we embark on the process of getting the 2012 leadership team in place, seeking volunteers and nominations from our community for the Anchor roles.

Once again under the leadership of Michael Silberman as Chair, we're looking for four remarkable people to hold down the: agenda, communications, fellows program, and fundraising. (Click here for details on each role.)

Event Manager Job Posting

Web of Change is a community of leaders pushing the boundaries of campaigns and innovating new models of people-driven engagement. Our primary program is delivery of an annual summit event, a 5 day invitational conference at a wilderness retreat setting. 

Shape the Future of Web of Change

We have an exciting opportunity for you to participate in shaping the future of Web of Change.  We have started a community-driven renewal process that we'd love your involvement in.

Now is the time to open up future possibilities for Web of Change and explore new models for how we deliver our program. And as we have always been a network that is community driven, we're going to do this in an open consultative way.

Why are we changing?

Hang that nametag on something sustainable this year!

fairware lanyards

Who the heck are you, anyway?

For WOC11 we've posed the question as a metaphor for thinking about audience (here), we've asked participants to share in advance of the event, and at Hollyhock we'll all start out wearing nametags to avoid the awkward conversations that start, "I'm sure I've met you, but I don't know your name..."

"Fellows, what?" A note from Tim Walker, Fellows Anchor

Fellows, what?

They are a handful of leaders in our field who have committed to joining us this year at Hollyhock to share their big ideas and experiences. And they're a truly remarkable group!

It's taken nearly two months of recruiting to get them on board, but they're just who we'd hoped. Indeed, every single one was nominated by a member of the Web of Change community . . .

You can check out the full list of Fellows here and learn more about them.

3 weeks out & just a few slots left

 Web of Change at Hollyhock starts in just 3 weeks.  If you're not registered yet, you're running out of time and available slots.  Act today to be part of the tribe on Cortes Island this month.

Registration information >>

Announcing: WOC11 Agenda

 Agenda Anchor Sam Dorman has released the first take our on WOC11 Agenda. We think you'll be wowed.

See his innovative take on a structured but open agenda, built around key themes articulated by WOC Fellows and participants:

Just Two Weeks Left for the Early Bird Special!

Just two more weeks left to take advantage of the early bird special!  You'll get 15% off room and board if you register by June 30th. 

1/4 of the seats are already sold!  If you are planning on attending, book now as we sold out by mid July last year....

I'm just sayin'.....

What is Web of Change, Anyway?

After Web of Change last year, we took the opportunity to take a look back at a decade of groundbreaking, relationship-building, re-charging, and at times experimental gatherings to boil down the core of what Web of Change is all about for 2011.

We landed here: Web of Change is a tribe of fearless leaders pioneering new strategies of digital engagement to improve the world.

Earlybirds WIN with 15% off room and board

Register, book your room/campsite and pay your deposit before July 1st to get a 15% discount on room & board!

Get on it right now by booking online.

If you need more registration information first, it's all posted right here.

See you on Cortes Island!

Registration for Web of Change at Hollyhock is OPEN!

Web of Change is a tribe of fearless leaders pioneering new strategies of digital engagement to improve the world.

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