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Save the Date!

Tim and Nicholas point they wayNext year's Web of Change will be held Sept 21-25, 2011 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, Canada. 

Digital campaigns and Movement building - what happened @ WOC 2010

WOC photo by Phillip Djwa

An open letter to 2010 Web of Change attendees:

Thank you for joining us in September at the 10th Web of Change. We deeply value the time and investment you made to attend. As anchors of the conference -- the people who produced it -- we want to share with you our reflections about this unique year, and get your thoughts on where we are going from here.

At the conference, and afterward on the listserv, we’ve talked a lot about innovation, taking risks and challenging each other and our sector to be better. In that same spirit, WOC 2010 was very much an innovation, and we get that not all of it worked as we had anticipated. This is what we want to explore with you.

WOC 10:10 is a wrap, but the conversations continue

Web of Change 10:10 is a wrap, but the conversations and connections have only just begun.

Last week, a group of 105 top-notch leaders converged to learn, discuss and inquire into the roots of social change and technology and what it means to be leaders in this field.  Over 5 days, the group shared stories, best practices and their passions and commitment to envision and create a better world.  And while the gathering has ended, the conversations and connections we forged aim to inspire future collaborations. 

In the next few months, attendees will be sharing their thoughts and reflections on the blog. In the meantime, check out immediate reactions on the #webofchange twitter feed.

Let the journey begin!

In the next few days, 105 members of the Web of Change community will all start journeys to Cortes Island for Web of Change 10:10.

We come from far and near. We come as campaigners, organizers, practitioners, technologists, facilitators and artists. We come to build the connections that will nurture the self reflection, ideas and collaborations required for us to make the transformational change we seek in our world.

If you are unable to attend this year's conference, please stay connected with the conversations we are having through the thought bomb series -- a series of reflections written by this year's hosts and anchors. Also follow #webofchange and look out for onsite responses to the discussions on the blog.

The New Networks Fund -- We Did It!

Connecting visionary leaders working at the intersection of movement building and technology is what makes Web of Change unique and powerful.

This year, we are connecting the existing WOC community with senior movement leaders of color in a way we have never before done. We have recruited these individuals and we are underwriting 24 scholarships -- folks who otherwise would not be attending -- from organizations like Color of Change, Puente Movement and the Florida Immigrant Coalition among others.

Growing the movement

Image from http://www.winnersmovement.com/

As we enjoy the last week of "official" summer, the warm weather continues to hold on the west coast, which bodes well for enjoying long lunches on the ocean-side deck at Web of Change in a month.

You may have heard some cool buzz about WOC this year. Like the distributed leadership model with 8 new people co-managing as anchors. Or how they and our 2010 hosts are producing "thought bombs" to share their big questions for the year. Or maybe that we have so much momentum, 10 years on, that we sold out in July (though the wait list is still open!).

Who is going to be there? Web of Change 10:10

The caliber of Web of Change 10:10's class of participants is extremely impressive -- if we do say so ourselves.

We can't wait to gather together these leaders who are working at the intersection of social change and technology and see what innovations, collaborations and ideas they cook up.

Web of Change 10:10 is almost full

Web of Change has quickly filled up with nearly 100 super smart and engaged leaders working at the intersection of technology and social change. 

While we have nearly hit capacity, we are still taking names for our waitlist. To get on the waitlist, please call Hollyhock at 1-800-933-6339. We will contact waitlisted registrants as soon as space becomes available.

Seats are filling up for Web of Change 10:10 - Don't Miss Out


As of this week, 70 people have registered for WOC 10:10. With a ceiling of 100 participants, WOC is quickly filling up with a group of super smart and engaged leaders in our field.

We don't want you to miss out. Register now to secure your spot.

The most efficient way to register is to call Hollyhock at 1-800-933-6339.

See here for more details.

Another Web of Change 10:10 Host Announced

Jocelyn Harmon
Director of Business Development, Care2

Idea: Race and Ethnicity Matter Online
It's no secret that we are undergoing a huge demographic shift in the United States.  The Census Bureau estimates that by 2042 (some have revised the estimate to 2050), we will be a "majority-minority" nation.  In fact, in four states - California, New Mexico, Texas and Hawaii - people of color already comprise a majority of the population. 

  • What does this mean for us as online community organizers, fundraisers and public policy advocates?
  • How will and should our outreach efforts be shaped by the nation’s changing demographics?
  • How do we make an economic as well as ethical case for diversity?
  • What strategies and tactics can we employ to create more inclusive communities online so that we can realize the "democratizing power" of the Internet?

Early Bird Special Extended to July 15!

The early bird special has been extended. Get 15% off your room and board at Hollyhock when you book before July 15. Register now.

If you haven't attended Web of Change or did not receive an invitation, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] with your name, organization, position, and organizational social change mandate.

Meet two more Web of Change hosts!

Shayna Englin
Principal, Englin Consulting

Idea - Better Accountability for Advocacy

We're doing ever-more creative advocacy campaigns that utilize innovative tactics to engage activists in novel ways, but it's not clear that our campaigns are resulting in the change we're trying to make in the world.  How can we make our advocacy campaigns more accountable for real outcomes?

Two new WOC 10:10 hosts announced!

Arif Mamdani
Executive Director, Progressive Technology Project

Idea - Raising the bar for technology infrastructure and capacity in progressive community organizing groups

The field of organizing has made significant strides in building technology capacity, but we have a really long way to go. The problems I see today are not too different from the problems I was seeing 10 years ago.

Meet Our Hosts

The conversations that happen at Web of Change and the real-world outcomes from those conversations are rooted in big ideas that members of our community -- WOC hosts -- are exploring right now.

Meet three of our hosts and find out what they'll be talking about at Web of Change 10:10.

Your role leading WOC 10:10

As part of the Web of Change community, you can play an important role in helping shape the event and its future. Actually, we’re counting on you to help.

Here are a few ways you can get involved right now:

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