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3 weeks out & just a few slots left

 Web of Change at Hollyhock starts in just 3 weeks.  If you're not registered yet, you're running out of time and available slots.  Act today to be part of the tribe on Cortes Island this month.

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Leaders at Web of Change 2011

The 2011 Web of Change at Hollyhock event convened an amazing tribe of fearless leaders, innovating to transform our world.  

These people converged on Cortes Island last September:

Announcing: WOC11 Agenda

 Agenda Anchor Sam Dorman has released the first take our on WOC11 Agenda. We think you'll be wowed.

See his innovative take on a structured but open agenda, built around key themes articulated by WOC Fellows and participants:

Just Two Weeks Left for the Early Bird Special!

Just two more weeks left to take advantage of the early bird special!  You'll get 15% off room and board if you register by June 30th. 

1/4 of the seats are already sold!  If you are planning on attending, book now as we sold out by mid July last year....

I'm just sayin'.....

What is Web of Change, Anyway?

After Web of Change last year, we took the opportunity to take a look back at a decade of groundbreaking, relationship-building, re-charging, and at times experimental gatherings to boil down the core of what Web of Change is all about for 2011.

We landed here: Web of Change is a tribe of fearless leaders pioneering new strategies of digital engagement to improve the world.

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