Help Us Bring More Diversity to Web of Change

We need you to vote for our proposal at GiveMeaning, so that we can start raising money for our Diversity Fund!

We believe strongly that it is important that Web of Change offer a more inclusive environment than many of the other tech conferences out there. The conversation about the best ways to use technology to bring about lasting social change needs to include as wide a range of voices as possible – not just those who can afford to be there.

To that end, we do our best to reduce the barriers to attendance. Web of Change is managed for no fee by Communicopia and ONE/Northwest, and every year, we actively fundraise in order to subsidize attendance for around 40% of all attendees through scholarships.

Two years ago, a group of alumni gathered together to create a Diversity Fund, collecting donations from other alumni who wanted to help bring new voices to Web of Change. This year, we have set up a proposal at GiveMeaning, to continue that effort on a broader scale.

Before we can begin raising money, we need 100 people to "vote" and indicate their agreement that this is a worthwhile initiative. So we need you!

Please click here and vote for the Web of Change Diversity Fund. It only takes a minute, and it will help us get going with this important fundraising. Your vote is NOT a donation – it is simply a vote of confidence that this is a proposal that should proceed to the fundraising stage.

Thank you!


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