The New Networks Fund

Connecting visionary leaders working at the intersection of movement building and technology is what makes Web of Change unique and powerful.

The collaborations break silos and build bridges between sectors and people. The community’s shared thought leadership unleashes the innovation and imagination we need to create transformative social change in our world.

So that we continue growing our movement, this year, we are connecting the existing WOC community with senior movement leaders of color in a way we have never before done. We have recruited these individuals and we are underwriting 24 scholarships  – folks who otherwise would not be attending - from organizations like Color of Change, Puente Movement, Third Wave Foundation and the Florida Immigrant Coalition among others.

The Web of Change community –- the entire anchor team, foundations, organizations and individual supporters -- has come together and helped raise the $27,000 needed to support this new initiative. This was a leap your community took and it is a moment we should all celebrate.

This kind of shift will serve as a model for how other communities can not only open to more diversity, but actively, even aggressively, build it into the core of what they do and who they serve.

While we’ve met our New Networks Fund goal for this year, we have already started planning for Web of Change 2011. Please raise your voice in support of  your community’s deepened commitment to transformative social change by making a gift of support today. Your gift -- $25, $50, or whatever you can afford -- will pay your experience at Web of Change forward. 100% of it will be used to help strengthen one individual’s life, mind, professional path and network. 

With your gift, you will join the following supporters who have all made an investment in our shared future:

Organizations and Agencies

  • Affinity Bridge Consulting
  • Agentic Communications
  • New Organizing Institute
  • The Brainerd Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • The Schott Foundation
  • Tides Canada Foundation


  • Steve Andersen
  • Dave Averill
  • Jeff Bailin
  • Joseph E. Baker
  • Nancy Dalwin
  • Leda Dederich
  • Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan
  • Sam Dorman
  • Shayna Englin
  • Dean Eriksen
  • Heather Gardner-Madras
  • Gregory Paul Heller
  • Jocelyn Harmon
  • Connie Hubbs
  • Nicholas Klassen
  • Mallory Knodel
  • Adrienne Maree Brown
  • Alia McKee Scott
  • Katie McKenna
  • Jason Mogus
  • Neal Myrick
  • Greg Nelson
  • Gideon Rosenblatt
  • Michael Silberman
  • Eric Squair
  • Jodie Tonita
  • Karen Uffelman
  • Steve Unger
  • Leif Utne
  • Tim Walker
  • Jon Warnow
  • Julia Watson
  • Craig Wier
  • Shadia Wood

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all these donors who made the New Networks Fund possible this year. 

Presenting & Title Sponsors

Advomatic Agentic Google GrowthWOrks Renewal SAP


Biro Creative Communicopia EchoDitto Groundwire Interaction Institute for Social Change Sea Change Strategies

Movement Builders

Care2 Engage Network Gott Advertising Mobile Commons Turtlebox Productions


Fission Free Range Studios Hollyhock Network For Good RAD Campaign Salsa Labs New Organizing Institute Brainerd Foundation