10:10 Participants

Web of Change connects a diverse community of leaders from across sectors, boundaries, and countries. Here is a partial list of 2010 participants from a variety of sectors and organizations:

Non-profit Organizations:

Leading international and local NGO's doing advocacy, public interest communications, and fundraising. A partial list of 2010 participants include: 

  • Alberta Council for Environment, Gareth Thomson
  • Alliance for Climate Education, Emily Adler
  • Free Press, Neal Bastek
  • Green for All, Bari Samud
  • Network for Good, Julie Stofer
  • The Big Wild, Theo Lamb
  • The Innocence Project, Matt Kelley
  • Youth Line, Aniska Ali

Consultants and Agencies

Leading "social tech" agencies and consultants dedicated to delivering world class solutions to the movement while they give back to it. A partial list of 2010 participants include:

  • Agentic Communications, Emily Birr and Phillip Djwa
  • Affinity Bridge, Mack Hardy
  • Biro Creative, Nicholas Klassen and Tim Walker
  • Capulet Communications, Darren Barefoot
  • Communicopia, Jason Mogus and Julia Watson
  • Echoditto, Michael Silberman
  • Groundwire, David Averill
  • Interaction Institute for Social Change, Gibran Rivera
  • Sam Dorman
  • Sea Change Strategies, Alia McKee-Scott and Mark Rovner
  • Make Believe, Nichola Moriatis
  • Social Transformation Project, Jodie Tonita

Social Change Tech Vendors

Leading technology vendors with products that help the social change movement, who authentically support that movement beyond selling software with their ideas and experience.

  • Care2, Jocelyn Harmon

Social Venture Businesses and Investors

Leading social investors and foudations supporting the development of the sector.

Salesforce Foundation, Steve Andersen


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Movement Builders

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