Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Mon, 2006-05-22 12:08.

I'm off later this week to attend NetSquared, a sort of unofficial sister event to Web of Change. From their site:

The Net Squared conference will bring a dynamic mix of international leaders in emerging technology, politics and philanthropy together to discuss the future of tech enabled social change work. 

Obviously these folks share some similar goals to us here at Web of Change, though I think our events have slightly different things to offer. We keep things smaller, and less explicity "tech" focused. Besides that, I don't think that Hollyhock and Cisco Systems in San Jose could be much more different as far as venues go—and we wouldn't trade our island experience for anything. :)

Ready or Not...

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Tue, 2006-05-16 08:50.

We're pretty much set to launch with our beautiful new website! It's been a labour of love by the Web of Change and Communicopia team and we're very excited to have a site with a fresh face, a new look, and some great functionality.

We're launching with a fairly basic model, but look for additions to be made in the coming months. We'll be featuring success stories from members of the Web of Change community, a wiki to help registered participants get things going in advance of the event, and who knows what else down the road.

Getting Going

Submitted by Sarah Pullman on Wed, 2006-05-10 13:09.

Well, our beautiful new site won't be launched for a few days yet, but we're all pretty excited about it! In the meantime, things are definitely starting to come together for this year's conference. Our convening team is thick in conversations about possible themes, speakers, and participants, and this is certainly shaping up to be a ground-breaking year for Web of Change. The network is growing, the word is spreading, and if you are hoping to be at this year's conference, mark it on your calendar and get in touch now

Our convening team gathered recently and did some work around clarifying what we are, what we are not, and what we offer that other conferences don't. There are certainly many conferences (and un-conferences) out there competing for limited attention, time and financial resources. How do we explain what we are in such a way that the right people don't hesitate to show up?

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"The thing that draws me back is not the 'professional development', but rather the incredibly powerful connection back to why we do all what we do. WOC recovered for me the purpose of this work and why I am in it. I think this is true for many who have been there – and the realization and clarification of this with trusted friends leads to a lifelong bond."
Katrin Verclas, Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)