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Outline Agenda (Still in Development)

The following is an overview of the emerging agenda for the 2007 conference. We have identified five key themes below, and each is followed by a brief description, and potential associated sessions (where identified).

The intentions of our agenda are as follows:

  • Reflect on the broader context for our work
  • Discover processes to be more effective
  • Share stories on proven strategies and tools
  • Discover emerging trends and how to leverage them
  • Meet new allies and collaborators
  • Be in a gorgeous place, have a great time, meet great people, be well fed and rejuvenate.

Questions? Email [email protected].

Culture, Systems, and People to Support Change

Focus for 2007: How to deliver on the promise of technology?

What does it take to integrate the components of organizational effectiveness, and what does it take to make change happen? This suite of sessions will focus on what it really to takes to produce and sustain high impact projects under $50,000. We will unpack the magic of projects that integrate effective strategy, strong organizational processes, and enterprise class technology tools.

Potential sessions include:

Leading with Strategy
The Art of Building a Team
Project Management

Technology and Innovation

Focus for 2007: Strategy and Tools in Action

What are the proven online strategies, tactics and tools that are realizing change and powerful outcomes? What are new and emerging opportunities and the strategies for leveraging them? What do we know doesn’t work, even though everyone is still doing it or wanting it? Leading online organizers, online strategists and technologists share their stories of what’s worked, what hasn’t and why.

Potential sessions include:

Online/Offline Integration
Cross Channel Campaigning (weaving Web 2.0 tools with offline events)
Collaboration and Story-telling in Action
What’s new, hot and worth paying attention to (and what is not worth your time or money)?

Strengthening Our Movements for Change

Focus for 2007: Theories of Change

How is change made? What structures can most effectively support the kind of change needed today? How do we move beyond individual organizations, sectors and networks to realize the broad-based impact required in these times? How do we develop the capacity to achieve greater change and impact through our collective action?

Leadership Development

Focus for 2007: Reinventing Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? What kind of leadership inspires you? What does this mean to your leadership style? Where are you stuck, holding back? Where is your edge? What is your vision?

Personal Ecology

What is the connection between our personal ecology and our effectiveness? Can we realize greater results with less effort? How to be the most effective with our time and resources?

Click here to view last year's agenda.

Questions? Email info AT webofchange DOT com.


"Imagine a civilized north-south exchange, a serene setting providing for all your basic needs, a gathering bringing together hard working, wonky, driven, and passionate beings engaging diverse communities. Web of Change participants are coming up with answers to perennially difficult questions around justice, fairness, the pursuit of happiness and how we can construct and sustain good governance."
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Associate, Movement Strategy Centre