The 2009 Agenda

The focus of the 3 days Social Tech Training is on helping you build a rock solid online program. In a quickly evolving environment, where both tools and audience change monthly, there are no pat or permanent answers. Success depends on committing to creativity, testing and exploration.

Day 1 ~ Inspiration for Innovation

The first day, we’ll get your imagination going 100 km/hr with inspiring examples of organizations that have been successful using digital media and online tools to engage supporters, educate the public, and raise money.


  • Registration
  • Introductions & Welcome
  • Getting Your Message Across in a Web 2.0 (and beyond) World


Though we never lose sight of the importance of an integrated approach to online campaigning, we’ll take some time today to focus on each of the primary channels you can use to inspire and engage supporters. We’ll discuss their strengths and weaknesses, share examples of success, metrics for measuring success, and (where available) benchmarks & best practices.

  • Email
  • Video
  • Mobile / Text Messaging Networks
  • Social Networks Blogs / Vlogs
  • Paid Ads


Day 2 ~ Building Blocks for a Strong Program

Once your organization has moved beyond the basics of email, websites, and “Web 2.0” tools -- you’re suddenly in “cutting edge” territory. Welcome! The weather here is fine… but it’s easy to get lost. We’ll provide you with a compass: specific methods for tracking results, analyzing them, and adjusting your strategy to reflect those results.


  • Understanding your supporters' behavior: 8 metrics to watch
  • Making the case for reaching out: Social media ROI
  • Understanding your email list: Email stats analysis
  • Making your website work better: Web stats analysis


  • Making your website work better: Landing page optimization
  • Figuring out whether ad buys make sense for you: Advertising ROI

And then… it’s up to you! We have 8 sessions open for you to choose. Tell us what matters to you, and we’ll do our best to find a top trainer to lead it. Here are some ideas to feed your imagination:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Blog and social media monitoring
  • Diversifying your fundraising strategy
  • Making the most of Facebook and MySpace
  • Integrated online/offline campaign strategy
  • Making the most of Google Analytics
  • Video production workshop o Facebook application workshop

Other ideas? Send them in to [email protected].


  • Dinner
  • Party!

Day 3 ~ Conditions for Success

Often the “secret sauce” of successful online programs isn’t their adherence to best practices or even a wealth of brilliant ideas… it’s a well-run and appropriately resourced team. This final day, we’ll focus on operations and fundraising.


  • Staffing models from successful organizations
  • Technology roundup: basic online advocacy and fundraising tools
  • Quarterly and yearly reporting: finding trends and profiling users
  • Project management basics
  • Small group workshop of your idea


  • Tech vendor demos/talks
  • Leadership Training
  • How to Manifest Money: panel
    • Funder: How to pitch a foundation on a tech grant
    • Agencies: How to get pro bono help for your projects
    • Management: How to get more money for web/mobile



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